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Here’s What You Need to Know About 2016


This year things have changed for Team Monster, most of which having to do with work and writer’s block (the worst monster I’ve encountered so far). We were going to work on Sault Ste. Misery, and release that at the end of the year (in October, which is our forlorn, snowy holiday of the year now; we are so done with November and December).

Things got off track, and the Spring cleaning bug has bitten me (symptoms of which may include lethargy, depression, distraction caused by any type of mess, and the obsessive desire to clean anything that isn’t in your house). There are a lot of things I would like to do in order to clean up the site, and further rebrand.

So, here’s what you can expect:

  1. The menu has been cleaned up already, so the former project links have been disabled.
  2. The material from the projects will be re-released through the blog.
  3. The original three issues will be cleaned up, revised, and re-released, hopefully by September.

This is the plan so far. There are too many things I would like to do with the project, but not everyone has enough time to do them.

Thought and suggestions are always welcome!

Thanks for your support so far! Theo loves you!


I Bought a Book

I Bought a Book

Luigi Sarafini’s Codex Saraphinianus. Christmas in December, again. Needless to say, you’ll be seeing a few snippets from it. No word of a lie, it’s pretty cool. If you’re the type to just feel textured paper, you’d love this book. There are ‘words’, of a sort–unintelligible, but very pretty to look at, if they mean anything at all. And the pictures make me wish I drew more. 

(And, Christmas shopping on a Canadian Black Friday still made me mad. That reminds me of the time Jake and Jon held an hour long debate with a ghost hobo. Case in point, Amazon is my friend, because I don’t have to deal with ghosts.)

There’s nothing new, but I suppose we’ll have to make a handy, new age guide to the monsters we see day to day . . .

(Cue cliff hanger ending.)


3rd Issue Sneak Peak, Amongst Other Things


3rd Issue Sneak Peak, Amongst Other Things

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 10.14.11 AM

We could pretend that it’s actually a sneak peek, and not just a reveal of the cover . . .

October 1st is fast approaching, and something wicked this way comes . . . the 3rd issue of The Enigmatic Monster is taking on a new look, something nitty, gritty, and decidedly graffiti! We’ve also made some slight size adjustments to the .pdf document to optimize viewing. Our Wordsmith is looking over our stories, wondering how we stay sane, at this very moment.

For those of you who passionately detest .pdf documents, do not worry, the entire issue will be available online for your viewing pleasure!

Some new developments have come around the corner as well. Team Monster is planning on doing another live reading! This time on a boat, in the middle of the night. We may possibly be pandering trinkets too (tiny little Theos to love and to hug, but never to feed–heaven forbid). Not in the SSM area? Never fear, we’ll be doing a recording as well.

Keep it monstrous!



Now On Bloglovin


Now On Bloglovin

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Yep. It’s true! Wish Team Monster luck!



Oops, We Did it Again!

Oops, We Did it Again!

Yes, we didn’t put up a post in time. Jake and Jon were working on the latest podcast, but somewhere along the way they were swallowed whole by Theo (he tends to do that). So, the uneaten half of Team Monster would like to apologize, and attempt at placating you with this picture.

Sleep well tonight, the Red Raven shall watch over you.



You are not seeing things, you have in fact read the title correctly. As some of you may already know we are currently looking for more ways to improve the project for the next year. Yes, don’t forget, we’re still making a few more issues! We intend to go out with a bang, you know!

Starting tomorrow we will introduce a little side project . . . Book covers.

Oh yes, you are not seeing things; Penny will design book covers for some of the books she has read and reviewed for the project . . . She might even share a few covers from her personal book collection.

Have any thoughts or suggestions? Let us know!

Don’t forget to check out our first issue! It available for free, and you can even download a nice pdf for your tablet or laptop!
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When is a door not a door?

The Show Must Go On

That is correct, the show MUST go on! Four months is far too short a time for an undertaking such as this one; all of the work we did would just seem a waste if only a few people had a chance to see it.

Not only that, but we had so much fun making our 1st issue that we want to give you more! So here is our offer to you: you can give us inspiration for stories to write or you can send in something to Team Monster. Also, if there’s anything you believe will help make The Enigmatic Monster Project even better, we’re all up for hearing it! 

Once again, thank you for all the likes, shares, and follows! Team Monster wouldn’t be here without all of you! Spread the word and help us with our monstrous undertaking!

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If you haven’t had the chance to check out our 1st issue, Team Monster would like to share it with you now.

Coming Soon . . .

Cover of first issue!Coming soon to The Enigmatic Monster Project will be the very first free issue of The Enigmatic Monster. There will be several versions available come Thursday (October 31): a PDF file (with working links), and an online version (at the Read page, which will be put back up tomorrow)!

Due to technicial difficulties we were unable to create an EPUB document at this time. However, the PDF document should work fine on your tablet, by itself or with the aid of a helpful app (Penny uses iBooks).

On Thursday there will be a new post with the download, and we’ll update a few of our pages (and link to those for your convenience). The first issue will remain online until a possible next issue .

Team Monster would like to take the time to thank all of our visitors, viewers, and valued supporters! Thank you for all the love you have shown us! If you have any ideas, comments, or suggestions, feel free to drop us a line! Help us make this project AWESOME!

On a further note there will be no updates on the project by Penny this week, for those of you who follow her on Tumblr. There will be a rather unusual wrap up to The King in Yellow blog series for this Friday, and another podcast with Jake and Jon is underway. On another note, we will try to upload some more creative process work for everyone to enjoy!

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