Existence Without Existing

Existence Without Existing | The Red Raven, part 4

What did it mean to exist without ever existing at all? How did it feel?

Is that the illusion of self? A voice whispered.

For a moment Joseph thought about it; it was a miserable moment. Each time he came close to something, he felt numb inside, and it frightened him.

Because he did not understand. Anything. Because he did not know what was happening to him, or what had ever happened to him, or what would happen to him.

Or if there was anything at all.

“Who is the truth?” the stranger asked.

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Oops, We Did it Again!

Oops, We Did it Again!

Yes, we didn’t put up a post in time. Jake and Jon were working on the latest podcast, but somewhere along the way they were swallowed whole by Theo (he tends to do that). So, the uneaten half of Team Monster would like to apologize, and attempt at placating you with this picture.

Sleep well tonight, the Red Raven shall watch over you.


Creature Feature: Natalie Hall

Creature Feature: Natalie Hall

Today’s Creature Feature focuses on Natalie Hall. She is one talented lady.

A California-based artist with a serious knack for drawing…pretty much anything. Seriously, from naked gesture poses to animals to superheroes to monsters to…whatever this thing is. Continue reading