It is What You Are

Two wholes that amount to two halves–

It is What You Are

–how tragic! Brought together, and held together by a fine line. Such a waste, light and dark tied to one another, so fragile, yet so inseparable. Balance achieved only through chaos. Chaos sitting quietly in its corner. With nothing to do, so little time for it, and eternity to look for (perhaps, or perhaps not). Balance tips its scales; why not, why make life so easy? A sea of grey reaching towards the horizon. A colourless void beyond. Why not? Why fight it? Simplicity? There is no such thing.

Two wholes which amount to two halves . . .

Or is there anything at all?



The Two Faces of Paranoia

A plot twist. An undefined terror which defines my own terror, my own deep-rooted fear. That I am not alone in this is a slight relief. That I don’t know what to do with that is not.

A relief which relieves nothing? How ironic!

I’m so tense, I could almost destroy myself. Where do I go from here? What do I with that? One can only reassure themselves so much. Sooner or later, the horrors of my mind will be released. They demand it.

That my fear is based off of something so inconsequential is no surprise—some of our worst fears have their basis in nothing. Some would laugh. Others would be delighted to hear such an odd thought.

Is this paranoia? Yes, but then maybe not. I could go on explaining what this fear is, what it is and isn’t, and everything else in-between.

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That a monster can be anything and everything has been previously established. Before we plunge down the clandestine rabbit hole, I would like to pause for a mere second, and dig a little deeper.

What am I digging up?

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