Night of A Burning Heart, by M. Stoycheff

Night of A Burning Heart

Cold blood runs a feral heart
As anger rises, it fractures the mind apart
A bloody trail from bare feet
A glimmering knife; a heart’s racing beat
A solemn task you must complete
Spurned by vengeance, its guiding heat
You see them walking, laughing in the night.
Like shattering glass, your anger takes flight
Lunge quickly: take their life
Silence the screams and end your strife
Lock out the sobbing and finish this path
Strike again: give in to Wrath
Now walk away, enjoy the dripping blood
Your heart is free, lost in the flood

Wrath: A Definition, written by P.L. Cobb. Photography by Mitchell Stoycheff.

Wrath: A Definition

Noun |raTH, or rawth|

  1. Strong, stern, or fierce anger.
  2. Vengeance or punishment as the consequence of anger.
  3. A thing so caustic, so toxic, that it can destroy a person’s sense of self-worth.
  4. The slumbering beast within each of us.

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New Year’s Dilemma

New Year's Dilemma

You should let them in.

The wrong words at the wrong time,

Were always meant for fun

Until someone lost an eye.

An eye for an eye means an eye has an eye.

(How lucky am I?)

But the empty socket is a perplexing dilemma still.

How far can an eye go before it is not an eye?

Until it is a door, wide enough for the void to pull through.

Holiday Crisis

My identity, my purpose . . .

Swallow my hopes

Devourer of dreams

Identify yourself.




Devour ourselves.

Holiday Crisis

Devour ourselves.

To Implode?

To Implode?

“I can’t make them love me.” His eyes lowered to the barren ground. Now, especially now, he wished to implode upon himself.

No, came the thought. Not today. Make them suffer; make them pay . . .

“Yes,” he whispered. “That is what I shall do.” Besides, he really did not need their love; going away would only make their lives easier. They’d learn nothing, earn nothing . . . No, he would stay. He would make them suffer, make them roll, make them pay.

“I will not go, not today!”

They would see; he would learn to love himself. Yes, don’t give up. Don’t let them win.

Show them how wrong they are . . .

Show them their sin.