A Portrait of Lust

A Portrait of Lust by Mitchell Stoycheff

Miss Goop

Miss Goop, by P. L. Cobb

We’re ushering in yet another Monday with this weeks free colouring sheet!

Fancy Face

Fancy Face, by P. L. Cobb

I know you’ll love my fancy face. I made you a new colouring sheet! Enjoy!

Candied Man

Candied Man, by P. L. Cobb

Here is a picture for you! It’s also a colouring sheet. I watched Death Note and it was pretty rad, so this happened.

We’re still fans of horror, but we’re taking a ride down the tunnel of weird (you probably noticed). We still firmly believe that anything can be horror, but that depends on the person being horrified. A lot of things are weird, however, and they’re here to stay–from the amoeba to the hairs on your toes. Over the two years or so The Enigmatic Monster Project has been evolving into a weird fiction blog. We’ve finally admitted that to ourselves.

And obviously that equals a colouring sheet/pretty picture . . .

Have a nice Wednesday!


Insight: The Codex Extinct Animalia

A very monstrous find, one finds the illustrated tome of The Resurrectionist quite appealing. For one, it’s a two part book, opening with a pseudo-biographical look at a most ingenious yet delusional scientist by the name of Dr. Spencer Black. Second, it is lovingly illustrated with exquisite diagrams of mythical creatures brought to life as various formes of human evolution in a collection called The Codex Extinct Animalia — and this, my friends, is where the juiciest tidbits are found.

Some of the creatures covered in the Codex include the Sphinx, Siren, Satyr, Chimæra, Pegasus, Oriental Dragon, and more.

Finding a copy on-line at Chapters.Indigo, I was ecstatic to receive it in my post a few weeks later. I highly recommend a copy to anyone with a love of the bizarre, and the mythical.

~The One Called Jake




I was experimenting with an idea I had lying around. Enjoy this arachnid-like thing.

Oh, symmetry!


Beside Yourself


Beside Yourself

You are outside yourself.

Outside of the who

You call your own.

The vessel of warm,

Pulsing meat

Lying limp like a doll



It has your face.

It takes up all of your space.

But for all the blank stares

It will never let you go back.

Was this ever really you?

Are you beside yourself?

(Or have you been replaced by some other self?)


Creature Feature

Book Cover.

Book Cover.

This Tuseday, one of my friends had a surprise for me: Barlowe’s Guide to Fantasy. I’d never even heard of this man before then, but I have to say: boy can this guy paint!

So far I’ve flipped through this book at least once everyday. Essentially he’s taken select characters/creatures from different fantasy books, and has painted his own version of them, taking great pains to stay true to the author’s description. Now I’ve added a few new books to my reading list. That’s a good thing, seeing as the Enigmatic Monster Project may turn into a quarterly issue.

For now, you’ll have to stay tuned for more interesting things Team Monster has to offer! One thing to look forward to is our next podcast, and the grand unveiling of our brand identity.

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