New Year’s Dilemma

New Year's Dilemma

You should let them in.

The wrong words at the wrong time,

Were always meant for fun

Until someone lost an eye.

An eye for an eye means an eye has an eye.

(How lucky am I?)

But the empty socket is a perplexing dilemma still.

How far can an eye go before it is not an eye?

Until it is a door, wide enough for the void to pull through.

The Enigmatic Monster Project

Pop Quiz #1

Please answer each question however you like. Metaphysical answers will receive double the marks.

1: What are the seven laws of Necromancy?

2: How does one go about assembling a golem. Give detailed steps.

3: Where are the nine monoliths located in trans-dimensional earth 5?

4: When is a duck not a duck?

Holiday Crisis

My identity, my purpose . . .

Swallow my hopes

Devourer of dreams

Identify yourself.




Devour ourselves.

Holiday Crisis

Devour ourselves.

Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays!

From Team Monster (and their Overlords) we would like to wish you all a happy holiday season!