The Museum

The Museum

By Jacob Zaccaria

Soaring crystal spires of the metropolis gleamed in the sun’s first light as it’s inhabitants bustled like a million bees in a concrete hive. One could feel the buzz of the City all around them even now — if they took the time to shrug off their mindless march at all. A motley mix of vacant faces, one could argue that if you knocked off each and every last soul save one, they probably wouldn’t even notice a thing. Continue reading

Oh Joyous Bug

Oh Joyous Bug


It sat there, still and silent, watching them as they walked by. So many of them passed it, not a one pausing to look around. Never noticing it. So it sat there, undisturbed.

Watching. It liked to watch, sitting–sometimes clinging–to a tree. When it did move, it did so with careful, calculated moves. Movements were what usually gave it away to them, when they noticed . . . Once or twice this had happened so far, as far as it remembered. And it possessed a large memory for things.

There was a crunching noise coming from up ahead; it tensed at the sound, a familiar shuffling. One of them. The red one, to be exact; it always limped along, carrying a stick with it. It drew near, but then fell, its foot caught on a rock.

Quivering with excitement, it crawled down from its perch, all but racing to get to the red one. Oh, the months of watching had finally paid off. As it crawled over the screaming red one, it hastily stuck a long proboscis into its neck.

Oh, it was so happy to have a meal at last.

Nothing is Ever as it Seems

Nothing is Ever as it Seems

Brooding Skies

Daylight does not amount to much when you start thinking differently–outside of the box–too many possibilities come into play, drowning you in their wake.

They found out the hard way, some might say, when they assumed that they were safe during the day. There is a common belief that things of evil come out under the cover of darkness. Perhaps it was not so much a belief as it was something’s sick joke . . . Perpetuating a lie is simple when one knows how.

But darkness . . . And daylight . . . what meaning did either of the two have if no one was safe? What was the point if monsters came in all manner of shape and size, all manner of disguise?

They would never make that same mistake again.

Amongst other things.

No one knows who they are, or what they did. We only know that they were.

Nothing is ever as it seems.


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Remember: all that is gold does not glitter! (JRR Tolkien)

April Updates

April Updates

Here are a few things to look forward to in April:

-A nice touch to our brand image, to freshen things up a bit . . .


-The second issue of EMP at the end of this month!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the journey with us so far. If all goes well Team Monster will continue on with the project (another two issues). If you have any ideas that you would like to share with us, feel free to send them our way:

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Superficial Appearance

Superficial Appearance

“You’re cold!” she exclaimed, looking at his pale hands.

Nothing. He looked at her with his pitch coloured eyes; she felt an uncomfortable itch at the base of her neck. Clenching her fists, she did her best not to react.

“Clarice,” he said, his voice like a soft caress.

She was no fool. Clarice knew perfectly well of the monstrosity which hid beneath that polished veneer. Once she had seen him for what he truly was. Once.

“I’m always cold,” he told her.

Clarice said nothing. He was a creature who could act only upon her own reactions; if she was calm he could do nothing to free himself from that prison-like shell, that veneer. Lurking beneath the surface was something abominable . . . He goaded her from time to time, testing her, trying her. She was sure that he would not hurt her. After all, he entrusted his care to her.

Who really knew?

She had learned long ago not to trust him.

River Man

River Man

Today we’re introducing something new, short stories, ranging from 500 words or less  to help get our creative juices flowing. So, without further ado, I give to you number one from of our new venture: River Man. Let us know what you think!

eyeI do not know what it was exactly; what drew me to those reedy riverbanks that day was beyond my comprehension . . . The biggest doubt was if there was anything to comprehend.

The memory of that day is still fresh within my mind. It was the atmosphere which had impressed itself upon me the most—a day where the sun shone against an iron grey sky. Everything had seemed so surreal, more real by far, in fact . . .

Amidst the reeds and willows that grew along the banks I saw it. Him.

Or perhaps it was just an it?

I watched in abject horror as it waded through the shallows. Its body morphed from man to beast, back and forth, like liquid. The speed of the metamorphosis was blinding. Man to horse, horse to man . . . Elongated humanoid, strange being. A creeping thing, skin glistening in the smouldering sunset. Carefree, or uncaring, it went along its way. Had it seen me? If it had it had given no indication. The thing waded deeper into the water, the mad transformations slowing down, before the thing simply melted into the air.

In a blink it was gone.

The biggest fear I had at that time was if the thing was real.

Ever since then I have feared the river man.

The photo was taken by Brad Jones; check him out on our Team Monster page.
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This story was written by Penny C. 

Creature Feature: The Brothers Hildebrandt . . .

Gollum and the hobbits . . .Creature Feature: The Brothers Hildebrandt . . .

. . . And their little Lord of the Rings guidebook. If Troll 2 was an actual good movie it would probably look like this, with equal parts cheesiness and amazing goodness. The pictures themselves were published/created between 1975 and 1977, according to the book. The book itself was first published in 2002. For anyone interested, it’s titled: The Brothers Hildebrandt’s Lord of the Rings. Their work has appeared in other books as well, one of them being from the never-ending Shannara series by Terry Brooks. I suspect that the book was put together more to ride on the success of Peter Jackson’s trilogy than to get kids interested. That’s fine I suppose. Everyone has to eat, right?

The only thing wrong with the picture is the fell beast. Other than that, it's pretty awesome.

The only thing wrong with this picture is the fell beast. Other than that, it’s pretty awesome.

Feast your eyes on the sexy Balrog, the geeky wraith-king, and whatever is going on with Gollum and the hobbits. Yeah, I actually said all of that in one sentence. The quality of the work is by no means cheesy, make no mistake in that; the pictures are very photo-realistic, some of them bordering on surreal. The only thing  is that the depictions of the characters are somewhat dated, which isn’t a wrong thing in and of itself. We get to see someone else’s depictions of what the characters may have looked like from the series. I actually do enjoy looking at this book on occasion, even if it is for the sole purpose of having a good laugh.

If you’d like to see more of the pictures, you should consider buying this book. Fair warning: it’s small. Seriously.

That Balrog's so good looking he's wearing a hula skirt. Gandalf's a little jealous though . . . Oh my!

That Balrog’s so good looking he’s wearing a hula skirt. Gandalf’s a little jealous though . . . Oh my!

We hoped you enjoyed this latest instalment. A special thanks to the Brothers Hildebrandt. We only wish we were as cool as you.
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Whence the Monster Came

‘What inspired this monster to be born?’, some may ask.

It was The Hound, by HP Lovecraft. Of all his works that I have read so far, The Hound bothered me; the other stories that he wrote, while good, failed to have such a gruesome effect as this one did. What did The Hound have that the others didn’t? Continue reading