EM Podcast Episode 7: Cool King Cobras And More

Peril In Panels: His Face All Red

Peril In Panels: His Face All Red

hey look I can put the pictures in the article now, less links! Hooray!“This man is not my brother.”

Never has an opening line been so true, nor has one ever been so foreboding and off putting at the above quote. Anyways, it’s time for another article where I bullshit about comics, cartoonists, and anything else I can cram in here while I desperately try and be amusing while I do so. Ready? Then let’s go! Continue reading

Creature Feature: Natalie Hall

Creature Feature: Natalie Hall

Today’s Creature Feature focuses on Natalie Hall. She is one talented lady.

A California-based artist with a serious knack for drawing…pretty much anything. Seriously, from naked gesture poses to animals to superheroes to monsters to…whatever this thing is. Continue reading

EM Podcast Episode 4: Of Old Men and Bridges

In the fourth instalment of the EM Podcast our plucky, erstwhile co-hosts (who totally know what the word “erstwhile” means and are completely sure they’ve used it correctly) discuss a multitude of topics including but not limited to:

– Jake nearly passing out at Black Friday
– the idea of a local sponsorship (or any sponsorship at all *wink*)
– fat drug addicts
– fat drug addicts who refuse to stop being mayor of a major city
– and much, much more!

So please, dear listener, enjoy the ramblings of two jerks with nothing better to do!

Oh yeah here’s the link dump.

Florida Mayor Arrested http://tinyurl.com/mbffedq
DiCaprio To Produce Watterson Biopic http://tinyurl.com/pu6d4mg
Radioactive Material Stolen http://tinyurl.com/n2u96mo
Walking Dead Game Season 2 http://tinyurl.com/kohj9xr
2000 Mice Parachuted into Guam http://tinyurl.com/pbo9ln3

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Peril In Panels: Hansel and Gretel

Let’s start things off with a nice, friendly, out of context quote from our subject today,
shall we?

“What are we doing? We’re changing clothes.”

“All that dried blood was starting to act like glue, so we couldn’t wear them anymore.”

So we’re back in action with another edition of Peril In Panels. This time around we aren’t talking North American comics, no sir (and/or madam). We’re taking a trip over to the tentacle-filled land of Japan to read some manga. Thankfully for everyone involved,
none of that (to my knowledge, at least) appears in any canon volumes of Black Lagoon
by Rei Hiroe. Some other things happen in the series, which you could argue are a lot worse/on par with being sexually assaulted by a Cephalopod. Like running into two remorseless killers, who were trained to do all manner of things for the simple amusement of their captors, then were unleashed onto the world to stalk to shadows and paint entire cities with crimson, making the wind stink of rust and gunpowder as they gleefully continue their wanton, unstoppable chaos. But before I get to any of that, I gotta drop some knowledge on you as if it were an anvil and your skull was Wile. E. Coyote
(“Super Genius”). Well bust out your comically small umbrellas and have a worried look on your face because this is one big ol’ anvil.

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Peril In Panels: Hellboy

Greetings, o kind reader. This is Jonathan Kruschack, co-host of the Enigmatic Monster Project Podcast and this is Peril In Panels, the hip, new column all about monsters in comics. Which I’m using as a soapbox from which to blather on and on about comics because why else would I do anything, right? And I’m going to be talking about monsters in any way, shape or form that they’ve appeared in comics. From cosmic entities that pierce reality to slug people who thirst for flesh (while fearing salt) to crazy, unstoppable axe-murderers baying for your blood. If it’s monstrous and appeared inside of a panel in a funny book, I’ll be sure to be all up in its grill. By which I mean I’ll discuss it as intelligently as possible.

Oh, and I may have to periodically give out some spoilers which I will clearly indicate beforehand and I’ll try not to reference once mentioned. Because I’m such a great guy. Forgive me if mistakes occur, in an effort to make get this article out as fast as possible I’m editing it myself and I am in no way qualified to do that.
I’m unsure how long I’ll be doing this so I figured I better start off strong.
So our first subject is the world savin’, Right Hand of Doom havin’, paranormal investigatin’ Hellboy.



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