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A sample of BERSERK

Rising from the depths clutching a bottle of liquor in one hand, a brush pen in the other and a sketch book between my teeth, it’s everybody’s favourite, loveable the other co-host of the IMPcast, Jon.
I figured since I brought it up on the latest podcast again, I thought everybody ought to get a nice sample of how messed up Kentaro Miura, artist and writer of BERSERK, really is.
Unfortunately for this blog, even I know what’s too far to post. So I had to find tame images that were able to showcase how unnerving, disturbing and gruesome the story can get. I think you can tell how…difficult that is, given the parameters I’ve just described. And of course by difficult I meant INFURIATING.

Anyways, I managed to find four. Out of a manga with 37 volumes, 3 movies and an anime adaptation of the first arc of the story thats been going as long as I’ve been alive (correction: BERSERK is a year older that me), I found 3 images of monsters and 1 of the main character (Guts) that were suitable for posting here.

Here’s one of Nosfaratu Zodd, where he forgot to shave. 

Next is a group of cooky goofballs who just love to pal around. 

Another one that showcases how much Kentaro Miura’s love for eyes and mouths. Boy, does this guy love eyes and mouths. A lot. 

Finally, here’s one picture of the main hero, taken from a random point in the story with no context. Say hi to Guts, everybody. He’s a happy guy.

And with that, is my small sample of BERSERK for you people. And that was no where near the level of insanity it gets up to. Though it’s not all blood, guts and monsters. It’s also about morality, love, existence and the importance of friendship and reaching your goals. Those ideas just happen to covered in bloody monster guts. Gotta love it!

Keep it monstrous everybody.

How many does it take…

How many double-sided sketches does it take to nail a design for images for ABCs of Horror, our upcoming project? Well, for one artist…quite a few, actually. And lots and lots of notes. But with a little luck, determination and obsessive self-critique, the designs were eventually nailed down for six of the twenty six images to be included in ABCs of Horror.

We at EM apologize for the low quality images of these rough sketches and remind you to please, keep it monstrous.

IMG_20150819_083422 IMG_20150819_083629

IMPCast Episode 29 “Blackened Liver (feat. DJ Byrdchirpz)”

Jake and Jon are back with another thrilling episode of the podcast! Renamed the IMPCast, where they discuss a multitude of subject including Jake’s new apartment, Jon’s new temp job and the fact that Jon really though Johnny Depp was in Django Unchained when it was Leonardo Dicaprio (he was confused by their twin terrible moustaches). So give it a listen and enjoy the ramblings of your two favourite co-hosts.

Download link here Impcastep29_edited.mp3

Keep it monstrous, everybody!

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Peril In Panels Volume XIII: Pang: Wandering Shaolin Monk

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“You may be right, Captain. But you’re wrong about one thing! It’s that drives a man to kill! Not courage!”

It’s been awhile since I could hold my head up and high and say “I wrote a Peril In Panel article.” It’s also been awhile since I read a comic like Pang: Wandering Shaolin Monk.

This article will focus on the physical version of the first volume (as opposed to the free, online version), Refuge of The Heart. I hope you’re ready for a semi-historical fantasy story full of intrigue, love and martial arts.


Let’s get down to brass tacks. Pang is written and illustrated by Ben Costa and was originally just a webcomic titled Shi Long Pang, available for free as of 2009.
It still is, though at the time of this article’s publishing the comic is on a hiatus as Costa finishes writing the final volume and also works on a cooperative comic, Rickety Stitch. But don’t let that discourage you from reading, there’s still two whole volumes online to read for free and two volumes in print. This is a Xeric Award winning comic, it is well worth your time.

Pang is an incredible example of how much proper research and historical fact-checking can help a story. Ben Costa has said in the past that he has studied both martial arts and the history of the Shaolin, which is an incredibly complex subject. That being said,
this is not a historically accurate tale. Accounts of events during this time period are,
for lack of a better term, “sketchy” to say the least. So Costa took certain aspects that are factually true and others that are unverifiable, mixed them together into his fantasy tale.


The plot of Pang is as such: in 1675, a chubby monk, Shaolin Buddhist monk named Pang sets out find his lost brothers (not in the familial sense, in the “fellow monk sense”) as they were separated after their temple is destroyed by the Qing Dynasty. Beset on all sides by danger and now totally alone for the first time in his life in the outside world, the fate of his order rests upon Pang’s oddly circular-shaped head.


The semi-historical adventure has a bit of everything thrown in when appropriate: from romance, to political intrigue, humour and good old fashioned martial arts fights.
Little to no narration is used in Pang, as it’s very fluid dialogue and the character’s actions are what drives the plot. As stated before, the plot, while complex, is told in an
easy-to-follow manner. There are a few drier parts (especially in this volume, since it’s the first) when the focus shifts to establishing important historical/political events and figures but personally, I never found it much of a problem, if ever. And that’s from someone who, while finding history interesting, would never, ever be considered a history buff.
As an added note, Costa also includes quick, informative little facts about various subjects pertaining to the story, such as citing dates or references, actual translations of phrases from Chinese and so forth.


Shifting our focus art-wise, I loved and still love Ben Costa’s lush, sketchy, loose style in terms of his line and colour work. And you can really see it change in the first volume, where he was clearly figuring things out and then later when he’d gotten a better grasp of it. The only draw back is he kept and still keeps getting better in his newer work so the first volume of Pang is mostly just going to get you hooked on his incredibly fun style.
His attention to detail is great to, even going so far as to show an experienced martial artist grappling *without using their thumb as to avoid it being easily broken in the fight.


Panel layout does get slightly convoluted during the first volume (as Costa was figuring things out, he obviously tried stuff and left it in there) though never so much that it’s a real problem, more of a “Uh, wait, which panel do I go to after the third…Oh that one!” type of deal. Costa’s gestures and facial expressions are top-notch stuff that punctuate his scenes adding that little extra kick to every panel. The stylized look of the series allows the reader to really drink in everything from colour choices, scenery, sound effects, etc.


The last few pages of the book have a special thanks section and a one-page write up on the time period chosen, what historical facts were used and even which books were used as reference, professionally cited and everything. A very classy move that Costa didn’t need to do, again showing he loves the story, the history and everything about this comic.


So, in the end I highly recommend Shi Long Pang, the webcomic, and Pang: Wandering Shaolin Monk, the print comic. An incredibly entertaining, griping story, worth every cent (even if you only read the totally free web version). I’m gonna go back to dreaming of the final volume while you go check it out all the good times, laughs, mystery, tears and bone-shattering kicks to the skull.

Hope you enjoyed this Peril In Panels, I’ll be back with more next time so until then keep it monstrous, everybody!

– J. Kruschack

*And as a person who has grappled in the past, that is a real thing that stunned me when he mentioned it, Costa knows his stuff!

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Nepotism Is Real, Shut Up

Episode 27 of the Enigmatic Monster Project Podcast, “Nepotism Is Real, Shut Up”, is here to fill your day with the ramblings of your favourite co-hosts.

They talk about problems at work, problems obtaining work, bad ideas, good titles, Jon’s hatred of Sudbury, the lie of being overqualified for jobs and how you always bring a gift to Diaper Parties or else you look like a jerk.

Download the episode

Keep it monstrous, everybody.

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Working For Bones

They’ve kept you waiting long enough, have another episode of the EMP Podcast!

Jake and Jon discuss their lives, their terrible jobs, movies they’ve seen, internet hatred and more! You can’t afford to miss yet another thrilling conversation between these two pals so download the latest episode right now.

Jon discussed two topics, both projects of YouTube phenomenon LittleKuriboh.

The first one, We’re Still Here, is a personal project wherein he openly discusses his constant struggle with depression. A wonderful series of videos where he first talks about something that makes him happy and then handles an aspect of depression, such as suicidal thoughts or feeling like he doesn’t matter. The series is a way for him to help not only himself, but others who deal with depression (or those would simply like an honest look into what a person with said problem goes through).

Secondly, The Mark Remark, is a comedic satire show where LittleKuriboh (aka Martin) does a funny voice, stands in front of a green screen and hilariously runs through the current WWE product, from RAW, SMACKDOWN! and even PPVs. Watch as he cuts apart terrible commentary, in-ring botches and sometimes takes a little break to go to a theme-park. No need to be a fan of pro-wrestling to enjoy it, the show is jam-packed with humour for everybody (though also occasional swearing, so watch at your own risk).

Keep it monstrous, everybody!

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Peril In Panels Volume XII “Afterlife With Archie”

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Shambling forward, jaws dropped in the eternal note.

Rising out of some overgrown bog, Jon’s back, covered in moss and clutching the latest edition of everybody’s favourite comic review. This week we’re gonna take a stroll down to beautiful, scenic Riverdale to run and hide from the lurching undead masses moaning for our sweet, supple flesh as I talk about book one of Afterlife With Archie.

Basic Plot Overview (minor spoilers, nothing substantial):

The comic opens with an ominous line “THIS IS HOW THE END OF THE WORLD BEGINS…” followed by Jughead Jones carrying the corpse of his recently killed dog to Sabrina The Teenaged Witch’s home, as tears streak down his face. Someone has hit poor Hotdog with their car and killed him, and Jughead Jones has come to Sabrina in the dead of the night praying she knows a way to bring his beloved pet back.
Unfortunately, Sabrina’s aunts (also witches) forbid it, saying that if the dog were only hurt that they could help but it has already passed on and a resurrection is out of the question for necromancy is blasphemous. “…Sometimes dead is better.” they remind Jughead, who goes to leave with his dead pet in his arms only for Sabrina to agree to help him against her two aunt’s wishes. The spell is cast, Jughead leaves Hotdog’s body and heads home with the promise that he’ll rise again. Sabrina is caught upon her return and punished along with her cat Salem for her defiance, being banished for one year’s time.
At the Jones’s home, Jughead skips school to wait for Hotdog’s return and is overjoyed to see him alive again but the reunion is bittersweet. Hotdog is now a rabid, undead hound and bites Jughead’s arm and it all goes downhill from there.


The writing and basic story are both very serious and at the same incredibly cliche,
in a positive, hilariously over-the-top way. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is a writer who knows how to make everything hit its mark. The dialogue, the story’s pacing and even the narration (usually just a character’s inner thoughts) all work together in a cohesive way.
At the end of book one I was genuinely craving more story, more of the Riverdale gang becoming Rick’s group from The Walking Dead (except less oppressively “grimdark”).
It is a fun read thanks to him, that draws you in more and more the further you go on through it.

On the art front, Francesco Francovilla nails it. But honestly, that’s to be expected.
From composition to character redesigns (that still stay true to the original style),
his line work, his inking…its all just so visually striking. Especially when you look at the colour palette, which shifts and evolves appropriately whenever needed. Flashbacks are typically shown in a warm, orange-yellow tint and red plays an increasingly major role as the story continues. Funnily enough, the character who I think looked the best with Francovilla’s redesign was Jughead Jones, who’s character design changes completely when he becomes a zombie (don’t even dare call me out on spoilers for that one),
which is incredibly quick. Francovilla brings out so much detail in his characters,
retaining their original feel while not looking like he’s traced a real person like he came out of the Ultimate Marvel line. Panel layout is fairly standard, without being boring,
keeping pacing quick but never too quick.


Lettering by Jack Morelli is done exceptionally well, subtle when it is required,
yet always eye-catching. Never illegible, either. Morelli is a pro at what he does.

While reading, you’ll definitely feel how ridiculous it is to see the Riverdale gang being beset on all sides by ravenous undead versions of their friends and family,
which will keep you from feeling any real serious emotional moments during the story. Except for a few moments, like the one that actually made me sad, which I’m actually mad at Aguirre-Sacasa and Francovilla for getting me with because they got me with a trope. They got me with a sad pet moment (spoilers ahoy!), when Archie’s dog (Vegas) sacrifices his life for Archie’s. It is excruciatingly heart-wrenching because of the interconnecting nature of the art and the writing, demolishing your emotional stability on all fronts.

Check out this page:


How can that not make you feel anything? Now read this line that Vegas thinks as he’s fighting a losing battle against a zombified Hotdog, I’ll even keep the caps lock on and use all the same grammar as in the comic to fully capture this dog’s dying thoughts. “RUN. MYLIFEFORYOURS. LIVE, ARCHIEMASTER. THANK YOU—LOVE YOU—FOREVER—BUTNOW—RUNRUNRUN—LIVE!!!” If you’ll excuse me for a second, I need to go drink and think about dogs for a bit, alone in the dark. Any infrequent sobs you may hear are not coming from me.

…*snif* Wooo, okay we’re back.

Aguirre-Sacasa also finds a way to make Reggie Mantle, asshole incarnate,
sympathetic for a while. A brief moment where you’ll go “Huh, Reggie’s not a total asshole.” And then Reggie acts like Reggie again and you just want him to get clocked in the jaw, which hey, spoilers, happens. And it is great. Man, Reggie can suck it.

Afterlife With Archie is an incredible series, I hope it continues as long as possible.
Saying that, I feel I should preface it with “only if it can keep up this incredibly high quality on all creative fronts.” A tad unfair but it is a ridiculous premise that requires a lot of things to make it work. Every single part of the comic needs to be amazing to work or else it’s just another “take and add undead” which are dime a dozen. I am 100% glad I bought this on a whim knowing very little about it before hand.
I kind of hope this series continues and adds more supernatural elements into it.
They have witches and zombies, through in something eldritch or whatever. Hell, if they won’t get sued toss in the Graboids from Tremors! Archie Verses Tremors would sell a million copies in a minute. Because I would buy all of them.


The TPB of Afterlife With Archie comes with tons of bonus material in the form of variant covers to look through, as well as scans of Francovilla’s thumbnail’s of the comic’s interiors. Definitely increases the value of the book overall for an art nerd like me.
As someone who’s not deeply entrenched in the Riverdale universe, though I guess a bit more than the average person, I very much enjoyed this book. I didn’t feel like I wasn’t getting an inside reference, ever. I’m sure there were some but I never felt left out,
which can be a problem when jumping into such a rich universe…which feels odd to say about Archie Comics but that franchise is around fifty plus years old. That alone is a feat, in and of itself but to make sure that someone who knows next to nothing not feel excluded…wow. Great job, everybody involved. Characters and their motivations are incredibly clear from the get go (Archie wants to help everybody, Veronica wants to keep Archie and her father safe, Jughead didn’t want his dog to die, etc.) and the story moves at a brisk pace.

Highly recommended to anybody looking for an actually entertaining zombie story that isn’t too dark or too slapstick. I am sincerely craving more story, really want to blow more money on these books. Oh and if you want more of Archie and the gang in supernatural situations, try Archie’s Weird Mysteries, a terrible cartoon with an infectiously bad opening song.

And that, my dearest of readers, brings this Peril In Panels article to a close.

Keep it monstrous, everybody!

– J.Kruschack

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The Sun Will Cut You

The two hosts with the most are back with episode 25 of the Enigmatic Monster Project Podcast. Appropriately titled “The Sun Will Cut You” for reasons only to be understood should you download and listen. Jake and Jon discuss their lives, what EMP has been up to, movie plots, Jake’s destroying of his relative’s septic tank ( which is 100% his fault) and more.

Download Episode 25


Enigmatic Monster Tumblr

Zelda Moon

V/H/S, V/H/S 2, V/H/S: Viral 

Angry Sun

Golden Axe music

Snake Pit split with My Stupid Life by Mitch Clem and Ben Snakepit

– Keep it monstrous, everybody!

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ABC’s Of Horror Preview

Theo demands we show you a project we’ve been working on, so show you we shall.
J. Kruschack tries his hand at alliteration for this entry.


J. Kruschack

Walk into a room where you see the weeping forms of worgs,
being worked over by weary, working-class werewolves wearing flat caps.
The walloping leaves the creatures wary of wondering into the winter night. 

Whilst this occurs, far off in a war-torn land, a veteran wakes up to work out
that he’s become a wendingo, asking “What did I do?” and “What could be worse?” Walking off into the desert, wishing to die of the hunger that will never cease.
This worries him.

Elsewhere, wading into the deep water, a worshipper waves her arms ceremoniously
as chanting wafts through the sunken cavern. Awoken, the wyvern rises, full of ancient wrath. Wreathes of flame envelope all but one, who graciously offers her flesh,
arcanely wrapped white tattoos, to the barb-tailed creature. It’s wings spread wide as it’s mouth whips open to reveal row after row of teeth. The sound of it’s wail would cause all others to spend their final moments wallowing in fear but not her.


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Start your Sunday up right with the latest edition of Peril In Panels!
Once more, I, Jonathan Kruschack are bringing to you another comic review:
Neil Gaiman’s THE SANDMAN, specifically volume one, Preludes & Nocturnes.
An award winning and much acclaimed series from the 90’s with a rotating cast of artists (all of them quite incredible and sought after), this story is the beginning of what can be called a saga of epic proportions. This comic has risen from its humble starting point to lofty heights. Let’s dig in, kind reader. Continue reading

Ichor Falls: A Visitor’s Guide

Ichor Falls: A Visitor’s Guide

A simple, quick recommendation by Jonathan Kruschack. Certainly not by the eldritch thing that has embedded an unseeable, ethereal tentacle into his skull on New Years Eve as he drunkenly left his friend’s home smelling of Glenlivet 12 and Lucky Buddha and is periodically taking control of his corporeal form just for kicks.

No, that thing isn’t real and nobody should try and help him. I mean me, the human. Jon. Anyways, here’s the recommendation.

(Note To Self: Have puny human smack self in face for trying to sneakily ask for help DAMN YOU HUMAN STOP TYPING Y’RTHGRPHARLGH COMMANDS IT!)

Ichor Falls: A Visitor’s Guide, available on Gumroad.com.

A free PDF, full of short stories by Kris Straub, previously mentioned by the human  by me in the PIP article reviewing his comic Broodhollow and Scared Yet? recommendation article. This time Straub has released 17 stories, such as Promises, The Fulcrum, Opossum Society, The Stillwood King and Indistinguishable, all of which are set in the haunting, fictional town of Ichor Falls, West Virginia.

With a few graphics thrown in, this well laid out collection looks great and is an easy read for frail humans fans of horror literature. Each story is gripping in its own way.
Some sad, some disturbing, some even have a dark sense of humour.  Do yourself a favour and download this PDF. The above mentioned stories stand out but over all nothing in the PDF is lacking in the horror department. If this site did numerical reviews it’d be a 10/10. Download and enjoy Ichor Falls: A Visitors Guide today.

My Soul Is Being Devoured Please Help me*,

– J. Kruschack

*ha ha that is a joke all humans enjoy jokes don’t mind that Y’RTHGRPHARLGH WILL CRUSH YOUR BONES AND FEAST UPON THE DUST HUMAN STOP TYPING!


The Miskatonic Game

The Miskatonic Game

Do you like Lovecraft? Do you like horrific, yet adorable art? Are you interested in those dang video games? Well we (actually, just me, Jon, filling in for Penny and Theo) here at EMP have got just the thing to make you salivate like a man/lady left brain-dead from seeing an Elder God and not being able to comprehend it!

tumblr_nbci3lsXZj1r2yncoo1_1280 It’s called The Miskatonic and its a game being developed by Jack Cayless, a webcomic artist known for various series, like Chimneyspeak (Victorian London tale featuring whores and murderers and the evolution of his art style) and New Kowloon (which is an  out there story that has yet to develop yet so I can’t give you much preview).

Now, before I give any links or tell you where to go or even tell you what kinda game it is,
I have to tell you something. It’s a warning. Hey, this Jack Cayless guy? He draws lots of naked people, sometimes. LOTS. And sex. Sometimes very graphic sex, in his stylized manner. And while I’m sure plenty of people are fine with that, being adults who understand that seeing sex or some genitals is not the end of the world, I know some just don’t like it.  SO THIS IS THE WARNING. NSFW. DO NOT LOOK AT THE LINKS IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THAT KIND OF THING. OKAY? GOOD. 

Now that we’ve got that warning out of the way, let me tell you people about
The Miskatonic game!

puzzle items! yay

Currently still in the design phase (but slowly but surely getting close to having a playable little demo, I’ve found out), the game will be a fun, side-scrolling jump ‘n’ shoot, visual novel/puzzle game where you walk around the Miskatonic University in the Lovecraft universe and interact with various characters/creatures made famous by good ol’ H.P. as well as some original characters Cayless made up, who all seem really interesting.

ooh, spooky

You’ll play as Charlotte LeStrange, Curator Of Rescue for the Miskatonic! A former member of the Chesuncook Coven, she’s not spooked by the horrifying things that drive most people insane, so the university gives her a gun and has her go save their scientists/defeat monsters. She’ll also get to hang around the university, talk to people/things and solve little puzzles.

Charlotte likes her job

Once again, unfortunately the game is still very much in development and to my knowledge there isn’t any site besides Cayless’s personal tumblr to follow for updates (which come at his pace, so sometimes constantly, sometimes not). But the concept and art of the thing is so fantastic it’s got me cravin’ it. I believe he’s said it’ll be available on Steam when it’s ready and won’t cost much, which is a plus for the thrifty Lovecraft/game enthusiast.


Once again, before I give out the link should anyone want to look through the tumblr archive for more info on the game, there is sometimes nudity in the various things he posts. Sometimes. If you can’t take that, and that is very understandable, just don’t. Simply dream of how good it’ll be. And I have a conformation that once the pre-pre-pre-alpha build is ready for download (translation: incredibly rough demo of the game)  Cayless will start a dev blog for it, which will have less graphic, stylized pornography on it/none at all.

I’ll also apologize for the lack of info, as I mentioned, the game isn’t even at a stage where it has a playable demo, and because tumblr has an archive system (which’s not the greatest to navigate. let me tell you), finding all the info I could was a tad difficult and I honestly have to write this article mostly from memory because I’ve been following it’s development for months. But here’s what I could get. So I hope you like it, I hope you can stomach some nudity so you can follow the blog, and when it’s ready I hope you buy the game and enjoy it. I know I will.

Here is Jack Cayless’s tumblr, for the inquisitive, capable-of-handling-nudity person to check out. For those who do not like that sort of thing, here is a picture of bread.

And I’m out, have a great day and keep it monstrous, everybody!

– J. Kruschack


Peril In Panels Volume X: SOUTHERN BASTARDS

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Peril In Panels Volume X: SOUTHERN BASTARDS

Let’s heat things up!

Peril In Panels returns in a blaze of glory, with your favourite mouthy jerk of a reviewer, Jonathan Kruschack. This time around we’re talking about SOUTHERN BASTARDS by Jason Aaron and Jason Latour. Volume one, “HERE WAS A MAN”, is a book I’d heard nothing but good things about for quite some time. So when I’d come into some spare cash I went to the bookstore and WHAM, there it was. Snatched it up as quick as I could and gave it a solid read. Here’s what I thought of it.

Photo on 2014-12-12 at 1.46 PM #2

Basic Plot Overview (no spoilers)


Earl Tubb is a man who hates Craw County, Alabama, his former hometown. He hates it, hates the people in it, hates his dead father, etcetera, etcetera. But he’s told that his uncle is now unable to live in Earl’s deceased father’s home anymore and must go back to pack things up and sell the house. So, he hits the road and returns home for the first time in decades. And things have changed. Mainly, there’s a tree growing out of his father’s grave, the entire town answers to a man named Euless Boss, the local football coach and that even the police are under his control. Now, Earl, a big, striking figure of a man, doesn’t give a damn about any of this, until an old acquaintance of his is beaten to death by the football team. Things take a turn as Earl seems dragged back into Craw County’s seedy underbelly trying to find answers. And it only gets worse from there.

southern-3The Writing


Jason Aaron is a fantastic writer, who I compare (slightly) to Rick Remender, another writer with some damn good dialogue and story-writing chops. The guy knows how characters should speak and act, how to hook somebody with a story and keep them coming for more. nobody in this book is a stereotype, they’re just southern. They act like real people. Earl Tubb is not a good man, he’s okay at best. He has his faults and knows it. Hell, near the end of “HERE WAS A MAN” he admits to letting somebody get beat up as a kid because hey, why even care? SOUTHERN BASTARDS is a carefully crafted tale, an honest portrayal of people, who despite being totally fictional (if anything, slightly based on real people) act realistically. They can be dirty or decent. People have flaws. And there’s a reveal at the end that is fantastic, never saw it coming. Pay attention to the phone messages Earl leaves to an unnamed person throughout the story. It’ll hook you for sure.

The Art


Jason Latour’s art is incredible. His colour pallets are vivid and appropriate, his line art is dirty and sketchy while still clean enough to show his refined details, backgrounds, fight scenes and so forth. HE even has some Graphic Design skills, designing logos and fictitious products for the series. It’s great. Get the TPB and you’ll get a little sneak at his process. And a recipe for fried apple pies, which is a nice bonus but I’m getting off track. His character designs are incredible. I especially love the design of Esaw Goings, an antagonist who looks like is Jay Briscoe’s blond, even more redneck cousin (see the pick of the guy with the neck tattoo up there? Yeah, that’s him. Awesome, right?). Hilarious and intimidating at the same time, again like a real person. Just because you’re scary doesn’t mean you have any fashion sense. Latour makes it all happen, bringing Aaron’s words to life.


I’m not giving out any spoilers for this series, it’s too new and too good. Do yourself a favour if you like crime mysteries and pick it up. Very much worth your time.



Check These Movies Out

Check These Movies Out

It is I, Jon Kruschack, fillin’ in for Penny this Friday. She’s asked me (at the behest of Theo) to do up a few articles from today through Sunday. So, lets start things off easy with a list of movie recommendations I think you’ll enjoy. No spoilers, just three quick reviews.

Afflicted (2013)

One of the few good found footage-style horror movies out there. Afflicted is a fantastic movie, written and directed by Derek Lee and Clif Prowse, who are also the stars and play themselves.  No spoiler plot overview: two friends go on a worldwide adventure, one comes down with a medical condition that is fatal, they go anyway, something happens and things go poorly. Great acting, good cinematography, interesting story. The less I say the better, just check it out. I give it a 9/10.

Dragon (2011) 

Donnie Yen stars in the martial arts film Dragon along with Takeshi Kaneshiro. Yen plays a man with a mysterious past while Kaneshiro plays a detective who seems dead-set against trying find out who he really is after he kills two men in self-defence with incredible skill.  It’s probably one of the best martial arts movies I’ve ever seen, great dialogue and exciting fights. A bit visceral in terms of gore (severed limbs and such) but not overt. There’s even a hilarious scene involving both Yen and Kaneshiro after Kaneshiro’s character concocts a plan to expose Yen’s character…by stabbing him in the back. Literally. I won’t say why its funny, or what happens after the stabbing. Just that it is VERY MUCH WORTH YOUR TIME. Dragon also gets a 9/10.

Come Back To Me (2014)

Come Back To Me was a movie I was not excited about seeing but ending up actually enjoying. It’s not a perfect movie. Characters at times act in ways that make you want to scream at the screen but far from the usual idiocy of horror-movie characters. Basic plot is that Sarah and Josh are married in the suburbs. Sarah gets into a car accident, begins to suffer blackouts and nightmares, ending up pregnant despite the fact that Josh is sterile. Sarah sets up cameras in her home to unlock the secret of her blackouts and the answer is horrifying. Katie Walder plays Sarah, Matt Passmore plays Josh and Jon Abrahams plays Johnny, their new, very odd neighbour and really plays up his character, almost stealing the show with his off-putting, eccentric behaviour. A solid 7/10.

Hope you enjoyed this, check out these movies and come back Saturday and Sunday for more.


An Informal Announcement

This is Jon Kruschack, Penny asked for somebody to do a post for the blog since she’s preoccupied and didn’t have the time to do it herself. “Anything’s good.” she said.
So, even though I was gonna keep this a secret (even from my fellow Enigmatic Monster Project members) I figured I’d give you guys a little preview.

While it won’t be in the current upcoming volume of Enigmatic Monster, there will be a sequel to my story The Meeting in a future edition. Y’know, that old classic where I had every monster ever argue about who’s the scariest? Yeah, that’s getting a sequel.
It won’t be as grandiose as cramming all monsters into a single tale, I’ll be bringing back everybody’s favourite bloodsucker and maybe introducing a few new characters, as well as fleshing out the world they exist in.

So far I’ve got two possible titles in mind, “An Informal Meeting” or
“The Meeting 2: Meet Harder”. Somehow, I think I’ll end up going with the first option. Right now, I’m still messing around with the opening scene but it’s going great.

And how could it not? I’ve got Dracula in a diner pouring blood from a flask into a glass of cranberry juice so nobody’ll notice. That’s pure literary genius. Anyways, stay tuned and maybe I’ll put up some snippets here and there in the up coming months.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a job that I dislike to get ready for.

– J. Kruschack

Scared Yet: A Recommendation

Scared Yet: A Recommendation

The Jon human has prepared this recommendation article for you before he left for his day-job as the Penny human is also preoccupied with things like “work” and “responsibilities.” Theo cares not for these things but shall allow their lives to continue…for now. Look upon this article, ye mortals, and despair. – Theo Monster

Are you a fan of honest, fairly put opinions on literature? Yes? That’s great. Do you enjoy Creepypasta stories? No? Never heard of ’em? Well, that’s an easy fix, weary internet traveller.  Here’s a quick definition from the wiki:

Creepypasta are essentially internet horror stories, passed around on forums and other sites to disturb and frighten readers. The name “Creepypasta” comes from the word “copypasta”, an internet slang term for a block of text that gets copied and pasted over and over again from website to website. Creepypastas are sometimes supplemented with pictures, audio and/or video footage related to the story, typically with gory, distorted, or otherwise shocking content.

Now that you know what they are, you’re probably wondering “So what should I read first?” Well, I’d recomened checking out Kris Straub’s review series Scared Yet? which is a video review series featuring the author/cartoonist himself. Kris Straub, who wrote the amazing and frightening Candle Cove as well as the fantastic Broodhollow (which was reviewed on this very website) is doing this as a reward for his Kickstarter campaign raising enough money.

Kris Straub is an amazingly talented creative person and loves horror stories, particularly  of the more subtle, Lovecraftian type.  His reviews are honest, safe for work (as far as I can tell), straight to the point and fun. He even reads little snippets of certain stories and lists what they did right or wrong in his opinion. All in all a fair review even if he doesn’t enjoy the story/stories he’s encountered. I do not know how many he’ll be doing (hopefully lots) and the upload schedule is also unknown to me (hopefully more soon) but it’s still worth a look and listen.

If you’re a horror fan, a Creepypasta fan or simply looking for a good review then check out Scared Yet? by Kris Straub.

– J “the Human” Kruschack

Exasperated Sigh

Exasperated Sigh

EMPodcast episode 16. Theo Monster is not impressed. But is he ever? The Jake human gets in trouble, birds sing, the sun shines . . . And all of those nice things . . . 

Kaiju Roars & Reality Sores

Kaiju Roars & Reality Sores

EMPodcast episode 15. Thanks for the wait! Theo Monster loves you! Blah, blah, blah . . .

Peril In Panels Volume 8: Wasteland

Peril In Panels Volume 8: Wasteland

wasteland1_web“Final broadcast from A-Ree-Yass-I.” – Adam WarRock

Every once and a while, you need to read a good ol’ fashioned post-apocalyptic tale of adventure. And you’re likely to find one, since there’s about an infinite amount of them. Seriously, you can’t throw a tumble-weed down a cracked and empty highway without hitting a story about some desert-walking, abandoned-cityscape searching lone-hero/heroine or their rag-tag group of friends. It’s a classic trope that’s a tad over done. And people love ’em so much. Problem is a lot of them aren’t great at best and are horrible at worst.

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Attack on Titan Spoilercast!

Attack on Titan Spoilercast!

Podcast #10

Selling Blood For Scratch Box 20 Tickets

Selling Blood For Scratch Box 20 Tickets

EMP Podcast #9

Peril In Panels Volume 6: Broodhollow

Peril In Panels Volume 6: Broodhollow

Welcome to Peril in Panels once again! Yes, I refuse to stop doing this.


This is the latest I’ve ever worked on a PIP article, as I’m usually at least a week ahead of my deadline of three weeks. But right now as I start this it’s actually ten to 1:30 am right now, the day this article will be posted (February 15th). I got a cat sleeping on my bed in a quickly-made, flannel-patterned body-pillow fort, the heat on, a glass beer mug full with the remainder of the cool, refreshing water I poured into it and one of the best dang comics to ever grace not only the internet, but the world as well, as my topic of discussion.

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EMP Podcast Episode 8: Low Energy Dead Starfish

EMP Podcast Episode 8: Low Energy Dead Starfish

It’s a very special episode of the EMP Podcast: Jake has no talkin’ points and Jon is tired from work. We tackle the latest in EMP news and much, much more!

Starfish Wasting Syndrome http://tinyurl.com/lx4vqn3

Akira Toriyama reveals Goku’s mother’s identity http://tinyurl.com/mb3qqkw

Philip Seymour Hoffman is dead http://tinyurl.com/52wm44

Doctor walks six miles in snow for surgery http://tinyurl.com/mwkmvwd

TJ and Amal updating 2 times a week http://tjandamal.com/