Kept Awake At Night

Kept Awake At Night

That’s a lie, I slept like a rock last night; I had a great weekend, relaxed, ate proper meals, interacted with other human beings. No, I woke up in the morning today, and the nightmare kept on playing out even as I lay awake. It’s like it wouldn’t stop. The thing had its own agenda, and it wasn’t going to change its schedule for me.

Not a chance.

Most dreams don’t bother me. They’re just that: dreams. Once, I heard that if you didn’t dream, you’d go insane.

(A case of use it or lose it?)

This dream though . . . It made me sick. Just the thought of it makes me want to vomit. Don’t worry– nightmares are useful . . .


EM Podcast Episode 3: Third Time’s the Harm

Back with another glorious episode in tow, you hosts with the most Jake and (more importantly because he writes the descriptions and is just so great) Jon wax poetic on all manner of subjects this week. Including (but not limited to):

– the launch of Volume 1 of Enigmatic Monster in free PDF form
– video games (including Pokemon cruelty, the new consoles and Max Payne 3 shenanigans)
– the positives of using spooky masks in cover designs
– how Enigmatic Monster will be continuing from the release of the PDF of Vol. 1
– The Witch Dream that Jon had a while ago that they may have already mentioned
– why you shouldn’t mispronounce UFC fighter’s names on purpose (hint: it has to do with angering friends and physical violence)

Also included in the episode are Jacob’s terrible joke, nervous laughter and much, much more!

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So again, please enjoy and remember:

Keep it monstrous!