Peril In Panels Volume 7: Dead Winter

“Rest easy, comrade. You’re off the clock now. Your shift is over.”


Hello, hello, hello and welcome to the latest edition of Peril In Panels*, this time we’ll be taking on the daunting task of discussing the webcomic Dead Winter by Dave Shabet,
a delightful romp through the zombie apocalypse. My name is Jonathan Kruschack and I’ll once again be your guide to all things comics. I’ll be doin’ my best to show you what stands out from the rest (hey, that’s a good line). And trust me when I say that this is not just another zombie apocalypse story. This is a shining example of a well thought-out, interesting, and over all good zombie story, in a sea of mediocre-to-good ones. But let’s put a pin in that point for a minute and talk about the comic’s plot, characters and creator. Continue reading

EMP Podcast Episode 8: Low Energy Dead Starfish

EMP Podcast Episode 8: Low Energy Dead Starfish

It’s a very special episode of the EMP Podcast: Jake has no talkin’ points and Jon is tired from work. We tackle the latest in EMP news and much, much more!

Starfish Wasting Syndrome

Akira Toriyama reveals Goku’s mother’s identity

Philip Seymour Hoffman is dead

Doctor walks six miles in snow for surgery

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