More Machen

Please, by all means . . . If I were to swim in a sea of words, let his be among many. I don’t get how someone can inspire so many people to pick up a pen and spell out something terrifying, when the man himself never truly wrote about horrors outright. His is the quiet shout. Contemplative, tempting, but not always out right. Maybe that’s why I enjoy his work; to me it doesn’t seem like it’s always trying to be terrifying. Sometimes it doesn’t try hard enough*. Somehow I always find myself coming back for me–in fact I would read his work over Algernon Blackwood (who has provided me with much reading material).

Today I finished reading The White People. Title aside, the book is more along the lines of The Great God Pan . . . Somewhat. It was a surprisingly short read, and at the end turned into a cautionary tale. The writing was good, and once again the characters were very well written. I don’t have any major nit picks, except the length (it could have gone on forever, because it ended just when it was starting to get really interesting).

So, do I recommend this book? Yes, even if it’s only to pass the time. It also has some interesting ideas.

*Sometimes it varies from trying to hard to getting it right. Nobody’s perfect.


The King in Yellow, Part 4

Second Thoughts:

I feel as if In the Court of the Dragon was meant as a precursor for The Yellow Sign. Now, from hints and riddles pried from the previous three stories we can now make several educated guesses at a few hundredths of what the King in Yellow is made of. None of it is sugar and spice, if any of you were wondering. Like any self-respecting fictional entity, the King in Yellow is best thought of as having no gender.

If you recall our character was chased down by a malignant, dead-white slender man in a black suit. On my second reread of the story I picked up on the man’s description. On my first read I assumed he was Death in the flesh. What if he’s Slender Man? Does Slender Man work for the King in Yellow?

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The Terror

Let’s take a moment to think about terror. For this type of blog it’s a cliche topic lumped in with a bunch of cliche posts . . . Or not. After all I’m all about half-dissecting things to look at them from the inside out, and then discarding them, leaving them to rot out in the sun. To put it lightly, that is. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been leading you down a rabbit hole without rhyme nor reason, or a definite end.

Maybe I’m just messing with you.

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