When we first started the Enigmatic Monster back in 2013, one of the big draws for everyone was the chance to put something out there for others to see. We were all graduates from the graphic design program at Sault College, and we were all working at jobs which were the opposite of what we choose for our career paths.

Such was our sad plight, so why not entertain a few dark thoughts here and there? The first monster I had ever made–Axendough–whispered to me on dark stormy days, the kind of dark and stormy where you had to walk to work.

I proposed the idea to three of my friends, writing up a project proposal without even knowing how, and then we all hit the ground running.


Currently we are doing some Spring cleaning for 2017. The original projects are being revised.

For now, please enjoy the 2015 edition of The ABCs of Horror:

The ABCs of Horror

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