Why Horror?

For myself it’s a bit more than just that. I wrote an article that explains a bit about why I enjoy the genre so much, but I’ll give you a few reasons here before it goes up:

  1. Horror fiction/movies can be used as commentary for particular issues.
  2. It is diverse; where there is a will there is a way for someone to take the mundane and turn it upside down.
  3. It can be really fun (horror comedies)!

Another thing I might add is this: if you’re watching an action movie where someone is getting their brains blown out how is that any different than horror? Murder is murder, no matter how shiny or gritty you make it, and despite the reasons for the characters committing it. There is definitely a blurring between genres that happens in entertainment (books, movies, etcetera).


Skin Furniture

Yeah, you might not want to be eating or drinking. Because this is probably the most bizarre thing I’ve ever come across. Someone from Team Monster sent this in to me . . . And I really don’t want to finish my coffee now . . .

Human Skin Items. 

Seriously, don’t eat anything. I know by saying not to eat anything you’re going to want to do exactly that while you look at this . . . But don’t. Theo commands it.

Or you can watch giant men holding tiny ducks instead:

Coopid, who may or may not exist, or who may be a parasite?

Enigmatic Updates, 2015 Style

Enigmatic Updates, 2015 Style

Here are the updates, and here is Penny’s face. Now you cannot deny her existence. I am so evil . . .


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