Type Imp, writing and photography by P. L. Cobb

Here’s What You Need to Know About 2016


This year things have changed for Team Monster, most of which having to do with work and writer’s block (the worst monster I’ve encountered so far). We were going to work on Sault Ste. Misery, and release that at the end of the year (in October, which is our forlorn, snowy holiday of the year now; we are so done with November and December).

Things got off track, and the Spring cleaning bug has bitten me (symptoms of which may include lethargy, depression, distraction caused by any type of mess, and the obsessive desire to clean anything that isn’t in your house). There are a lot of things I would like to do in order to clean up the site, and further rebrand.

So, here’s what you can expect:

  1. The menu has been cleaned up already, so the former project links have been disabled.
  2. The material from the projects will be re-released through the blog.
  3. The original three issues will be cleaned up, revised, and re-released, hopefully by September.

This is the plan so far. There are too many things I would like to do with the project, but not everyone has enough time to do them.

Thought and suggestions are always welcome!

Thanks for your support so far! Theo loves you!


The ABCs of Horror Preview

The ABCs of Horror  draws closer with each coming day! Here are some sneak previews of the loveliness (featuring screenshots of work done by Mitchell Stoycheff, R. J. Davies Mornix, and P. L. Cobb).

This is a short selection, but there will likely be more sneak previews in the following days. The ABCs of Horror will be free to the public and will be available for download as a PDF file first, and online for your viewing pleasure second.

So, look for The ABCs of Horror on Halloween!

ABCs Of Horror

This is the official reveal of our working cover:

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 12.45.20 PM

And that’s about all else that we can say now. Will it evolve into something else? Possibly.

The whole idea is to make something incredibly ‘grunge-o-matic’, and to make something that looks like it could be a journal multiple people have written in. We have the grunge; not sure about the journal bit.

Rest assured we’re still mostly sane. Sane enough that we’ve started talking about next years project (Sault Ste. Misery), but that’s still a vague conglomeration of muses . . . Back to the ABCs though: we’re still in the process of editing, and now we’re amassing illustrations to display in the book; Jake is working on a mythological beast for each letter of the alphabet (as a chapter cover).

For now, enjoy your Saturday!



Our benovelent/malevolent overlord, Theo Monster

ABC’s Of Horror Preview

Theo demands we show you a project we’ve been working on, so show you we shall.
J. Kruschack tries his hand at alliteration for this entry.


J. Kruschack

Walk into a room where you see the weeping forms of worgs,
being worked over by weary, working-class werewolves wearing flat caps.
The walloping leaves the creatures wary of wondering into the winter night. 

Whilst this occurs, far off in a war-torn land, a veteran wakes up to work out
that he’s become a wendingo, asking “What did I do?” and “What could be worse?” Walking off into the desert, wishing to die of the hunger that will never cease.
This worries him.

Elsewhere, wading into the deep water, a worshipper waves her arms ceremoniously
as chanting wafts through the sunken cavern. Awoken, the wyvern rises, full of ancient wrath. Wreathes of flame envelope all but one, who graciously offers her flesh,
arcanely wrapped white tattoos, to the barb-tailed creature. It’s wings spread wide as it’s mouth whips open to reveal row after row of teeth. The sound of it’s wail would cause all others to spend their final moments wallowing in fear but not her.




I was experimenting with an idea I had lying around. Enjoy this arachnid-like thing.

Oh, symmetry!


What New Horrors Should We Birth?

What New Horrors Should We Birth?

The Triad of Terror is now complete. Now, dear viewer: what next? What new project should we give birth to? Remember: with Team Monster, anything goes!

(Perhaps Theo needs some friends?)


Have We Got a Pole for You!

Have We Got a Pole for You!

Poll, not pole . . . Sorry. (Theo was excited about dancing too.)



We’d like to make EMP better! We appreciate your help–keep it monstrous!


This Week on EMP


This Week on EMP

As you all know, yesterday was Labour Day! And many of you would have gone to work that day, myself included. We were going to conclude The Red Raven yesterday, but with the amount of work this past week (and yesterday), that dream never came to fruition. So, we’re going to take a break from that story; tomorrow our normal post schedule will resume with Horror Quote Hump Day

In other news, the third issue of The Enigmatic Monster will be coming out October 1st. And we’re still alive and partially sane. Which is important, in case you were wondering.

Have an awesome rest of the week! Keep it monstrous!



Something Else, But What?

Something Else, But What? | The Red Raven, Part 3

Joseph DeCorvi . . . 

Was how how the letter began. When Joseph had found it tucked neatly into his back pocket a month ago he had been surprised, to say the least. Upon reading it, it had left him in a cold sweat.

I have heard that you are the right man for this particular job, or rather, for a job of this calibre. 

At the time he had been staying at a little inn near the shores of Waridge, an island located right on the border between Cannard and Oursar. Waridge profited from the two countries in trade, tourism, and as an official border crossing (of which only two ferrying companies legally benefited from). Another thing the island profited from was numbers. Its population was comparable to that of Tarano, comprising of many cultural groups.

We sketched a map! Now you can see into the future! Wait . . .

We sketched a map! Now you can see into the future! Wait . . .

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Oops, We Did it Again!

Oops, We Did it Again!

Yes, we didn’t put up a post in time. Jake and Jon were working on the latest podcast, but somewhere along the way they were swallowed whole by Theo (he tends to do that). So, the uneaten half of Team Monster would like to apologize, and attempt at placating you with this picture.

Sleep well tonight, the Red Raven shall watch over you.


An Informal Announcement

This is Jon Kruschack, Penny asked for somebody to do a post for the blog since she’s preoccupied and didn’t have the time to do it herself. “Anything’s good.” she said.
So, even though I was gonna keep this a secret (even from my fellow Enigmatic Monster Project members) I figured I’d give you guys a little preview.

While it won’t be in the current upcoming volume of Enigmatic Monster, there will be a sequel to my story The Meeting in a future edition. Y’know, that old classic where I had every monster ever argue about who’s the scariest? Yeah, that’s getting a sequel.
It won’t be as grandiose as cramming all monsters into a single tale, I’ll be bringing back everybody’s favourite bloodsucker and maybe introducing a few new characters, as well as fleshing out the world they exist in.

So far I’ve got two possible titles in mind, “An Informal Meeting” or
“The Meeting 2: Meet Harder”. Somehow, I think I’ll end up going with the first option. Right now, I’m still messing around with the opening scene but it’s going great.

And how could it not? I’ve got Dracula in a diner pouring blood from a flask into a glass of cranberry juice so nobody’ll notice. That’s pure literary genius. Anyways, stay tuned and maybe I’ll put up some snippets here and there in the up coming months.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a job that I dislike to get ready for.

– J. Kruschack

Here’s Your Pyscho

Here’s Your Pyscho


Consider it a sneak peak into what we’ve been doing lately. This is just one of four posters that The Enigmatic Monster Project has been working on. The series will be featured on 240seconds.com, which is set to launch this Canada Day. 240seconds will be featuring a Minimalist Monday segment on their site which a list of artists/designers will be contributing to. It’s quite exciting!

For now, have a Happy Canada Day!

-Penny C.

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Monster Mash

Monster Mash


Feast your eyes on this! Old monster sketches, back in the day when I took more time to sketch . . . On the bus, in the class, at work . . .



-Penny C.

What the Heck Are We Doing?

What the Heck Are We Doing?

IMG_0240 IMG_0241 IMG_0242What are we doing? And why did we take grainy photos of it?

Work in progress shots from the upcoming poster project we’re contributing to. We’re creating minimalist posters with ink, and we’ll be putting them together in photoshop. Can you guess a movie? Say you will . . . The monster will love you for all eternity!


Free Monster Hugs!

Free Monster Hugs!

Yes, that’s right! Everyday we’ve been adding new stories to read to our site, all from the recently released second issue of EMP!

So, do you want some free monster hugs? Click here for more!

Feel free to peruse some of our WIP screen shots as well!

This Book Will Give You Insomnia, Wanna Know How?

This Book Will Give You Insomnia, Wanna Know How?

EMP Issue 2

Click to download Issue 2!

Because Theo Monster watches you in your sleep. And then he bakes evil cookies when no one is watching. And when he’s done baking those vile cookies, he gives away free hugs, which is neither good nor bad  . . .

. . . And because we all downed a bottle or two of paranoia while we were putting the second issue together. Seriously, I’m not kidding you; there are more character deaths in this issue than there are in the first! And I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the horrible winter talking either . . .

So, you should obviously click the image to download our free .PDF of EMP: Issue 2!

P.S: The online versions will be following soon!



Look at this Big Dump


Look at this Big Dump

Okay, it’s not that big, it might not even be that great. We think it’s pretty neat. For those of you who enjoy sketches, enjoy this piece of eye candy.

River Man

River Man

Today we’re introducing something new, short stories, ranging from 500 words or less  to help get our creative juices flowing. So, without further ado, I give to you number one from of our new venture: River Man. Let us know what you think!

eyeI do not know what it was exactly; what drew me to those reedy riverbanks that day was beyond my comprehension . . . The biggest doubt was if there was anything to comprehend.

The memory of that day is still fresh within my mind. It was the atmosphere which had impressed itself upon me the most—a day where the sun shone against an iron grey sky. Everything had seemed so surreal, more real by far, in fact . . .

Amidst the reeds and willows that grew along the banks I saw it. Him.

Or perhaps it was just an it?

I watched in abject horror as it waded through the shallows. Its body morphed from man to beast, back and forth, like liquid. The speed of the metamorphosis was blinding. Man to horse, horse to man . . . Elongated humanoid, strange being. A creeping thing, skin glistening in the smouldering sunset. Carefree, or uncaring, it went along its way. Had it seen me? If it had it had given no indication. The thing waded deeper into the water, the mad transformations slowing down, before the thing simply melted into the air.

In a blink it was gone.

The biggest fear I had at that time was if the thing was real.

Ever since then I have feared the river man.

The photo was taken by Brad Jones; check him out on our Team Monster page.
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This story was written by Penny C. 

Book Cover: The King in Yellow

The King in YellowThe King in Yellow

As you all know I never finished the book; I got sick of reading one chapter per week and then making stuff up. Sometimes I wish Robert Chambers would have just written the play and allowed us to turn into blithering idiots. But he didn’t, and that begs the question: what’s the play about? What goes on, who exactly are the characters, and what on earth is the King in Yellow?

For real this time. What is this spectral creature? Who is this Bloody Mary of the day, and why is he reading romance novels? And where in the hell did he get that tattered cloak, the thrift shop? Who gave him the cash? What would the fox say?

So many questions! Continue reading

Creature Feature

Book Cover.

Book Cover.

This Tuseday, one of my friends had a surprise for me: Barlowe’s Guide to Fantasy. I’d never even heard of this man before then, but I have to say: boy can this guy paint!

So far I’ve flipped through this book at least once everyday. Essentially he’s taken select characters/creatures from different fantasy books, and has painted his own version of them, taking great pains to stay true to the author’s description. Now I’ve added a few new books to my reading list. That’s a good thing, seeing as the Enigmatic Monster Project may turn into a quarterly issue.

For now, you’ll have to stay tuned for more interesting things Team Monster has to offer! One thing to look forward to is our next podcast, and the grand unveiling of our brand identity.

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