Tearing Them Apart From the Inside Out

The grisly task began thusly: lightning quick his hands shot out from the shadows headed straight towards the intended mark, the lone girl. Her scream was cut short as one large hand covered her mouth, while the second dug into her chest. With three fingers he broke a hole through her rib cage.

Once her heart gave out he began to relax. Phase one was completed, now phase two could commence at a more leisurely pace. It was always the initial killing which disturbed him the most; it was one of the few things which made him feel anything. What was reflected in the victims eyes always made him recoil. No matter the direction he attacked from, they always saw him.

Blood sprayed onto his face. He blinked. Three ribs stuck out in the air at odd, jagged angles and he was already bored. Lately he had been loosing interest in his hobbies. Maybe he had gone through the motions too many times? His methods had always been from the top down, he realized. Perhaps now it was time to shake things up . . .

He stood up and paced around the body. It took all of his will power to do this. First he needed to think things through; he pondered, exploring the many avenues. By many, that meant two or three. Or just one. He stopped to let out a sigh.

Then stood for a few silent minutes staring at the wall. Nothing of note went through his mind during that small period. It was . . . Mildly pleasant, he realized.

Also, he had already known what to do before he stood up, it just didn’t seem interesting enough, or enough of anything to carry out. Leaving the body was an option. It had always been an option. What the people of the waking world thought or felt about his work made little difference to him, and besides that he had always left a grisly remnant.

His large form leaned over the body again, and thus began his second task. Lightning quick hands took hold of the ribs and refolded them over the girls lungs. Then he folded the skin back over her chest, and whispered a few words. Skin began to fuse with skin. Personally he thought it looked better in shreds.

He forced the mouth open and breathed into it. Then he did what he was best at and disappeared. From behind a bush he watched as the woman sat up. Her hands began to trace her body, her ripped clothing, then as the realization hit her she began to shake. He let her shake for a bit. It was good for the heart. Without making a sound he crawled from behind the bush and began to slither up to her back.

The woman whipped her head around. A pair of accusing eyes burned him. “Leave me alone,” she gasped.

Well that was new!

Already his interest was beginning to renew itself. She remembered him, but how? Humans had no souls, from what he understood. Did he just prove himself wrong? Was it just that humans had no afterlife, and their souls went to a place where they could be forgotten? A soul but no real afterlife. Now that was intriguing. This was merely one explanation for what had happened. More were just waiting for him, he could feel it.

He watched as the corners of her mouth turned down in disgust, horror, confusion. Maybe he’d like to kiss that mouth, see what would happen then. His tongue would slither down her throat up to her nasal cavity where it would then bore a tiny hole up into her brain case. Then he could see for himself how she felt about him.

In one night he went from doing things from the top down, to the bottom up.

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