Written by R. J. Davies, edited by P. L. Cobb

He better show up! She couldn’t believe this. The last twenty-four hours felt like a nightmare, and here she was standing on a ledge. Below her was a blazing inferno, a mess of fire and human souls.

“Well?” he appeared in front of her. Tall, strong and handsome–and so very powerful. In his human form she saw her ex-husband grinning at her.

They had been married for six years before the divorce. Katie had heard her friends talk about what demons their exes had been. But her ex-husband was a demon. Kyle Miller, or that was who she had known him as, always seemed so gentle and attentive to her every need. The downside of their marriage came in the form of strange calls and even stranger visitors; when the long absences started Katie had had enough. Five years of wedded bless went out with a bang during the final year. Kyle had been missing for so long that he was presumed dead. Katie filed a for divorce. She had mixed feelings over the affair. The day when he showed up on her front door had surprised her. When she told him to leave he surprised her again by starting a shouting match. After showing him the divorce papers she woke up to find herself on this ledge. 

“Who are you?”

“Who do you want me to be?”

“What happen to the real Kyle?”

“I made him up.”


He nodded with a smile.

“You’re lying.”

He raised an eyebrow, “Am I?”

“Go to hell!”

He laughed, “Oh sugar, we are already here.”

“What is your real name?”



He nodded.

“What are you?”

He smirked, “A god.”

“What am I doing here?”

“You’re my wife. It’s was about time you met the rest of my family.”

“We’re divorced!”

“That’s not recognized down here,” he chuckled again.

“This can’t be real.”

He leaned close to her and whispered, “Then wake up.”

“Am I sleeping?”

He laughed and the sounds ricocheted off the walls as he shook his head no.

Her mother had warned her about him. Why hadn’t she listened?

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