Written by R. J. Davies Mornix

He held his breath. He wondered what she was thinking. Christie Hart had no idea how sexy she was. It drove him to the brink of madness whenever he thought about it. She wasn’t tall or  thin like a super model, but she was a goddess. He knew she was …  There was just something about her. It was a sickness; he knew it on some level . . . But she was his medicine. Whenever he got close to her, or watched her, he was taking his medicine.

He promised himself that some day he would work up the courage to talk to her … Someday … It had been six  years since he first met her. He had been a passenger in a vehicle that was the victim of a hit and run. Since he didn’t say anything she didn’t really pay attention to him. But he noticed her. The way she walked in that uniform, the way she took control of the scene and interrogated everyone. A male officer had begun to give her a hard time but she put him in his place with a look and a few whispered words. He had always wondered what she had told him.

He spotted her one evening leaving the local gym. Thinking she was headed into work he followed her. Officer Hart was headed home. So he followed her there.

It was just innocent drive-bys once in a while. Then his drive-bys became more frequent. Now he knew everything about her. He followed her as she went through relationship after relationship.  He joined her gym and began working out. The last six months he went from soft and flabby to a washboard stomach. April, another woman who went to the same gym asked him out a couple of times. They went out to the movies once, and he felt like he was cheating on Officer Hart. Once he had worked out on the treadmill beside Christie. She always smiled and nodded. A lump always caught in his throat; his heart would race and his palms would sweat. He thought he was having a mild heart attack. That was the only time he tried to talk to her.

He stuck to just watching. No one that knew him would even guess that he did this. God, if anyone found out he would die of embarrassment. Swallowing hard, he reminded himself of her  garbage bags that he had back at home in the garage. He had started going through her them when his sister had popped by last night.

No … No … He wasn’t ready for anyone to find out about his girlfriend. He liked the privacy of their relationship.

She stood up in her living room and stretched. He watched as she turned off the lights and TV.

He waited. She didn’t disappoint him. She never did. He held his breath until she turned on the bedroom light and pulled out his camera. He watched as she crossed the room, feeling grateful that she lived on such a lonely stretch of road. No one ever bothered him here and she always left her curtains open.

Only for him.

“I see you, my lovely,” he whispered, and then blew her a kiss.

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