By Dave A. Mornix

Too many restless nights his back was sore and he was tired of being tired. His wife kept nagging him to buy a new bed. RIP’s had a deal this week. He knew Rip back from the old days and he was always a nice guy. It was sad that he had a heart attack last month and died. The family took it hard most of them moved away except for his son Mike. It was time to pay Mike a visit and get a new bed, so it would be one less thing Kevin’s wife would nag him about.

God that woman would probably nag him to death. She even blamed him for the weather like he had control over that. Underneath it all she was a wonderful woman just not lately. If he could stuff her in the trunk just for an hour to have some peace and quiet he would. The only thing stopping him was he would have to let her out and he’d be a dead man.

No, he couldn’t do anything to his wife that was mean. Ignoring her was the best medicine for his soul and it would wind up her up so much, so sometimes he thought she would explode. Smirking at the thought he shook it from his head. No, he reminded himself he loved his wife. It was for better and for worse. What happen to the better part? Dang he got ripped off. He wondered if there was a department to report that to? Chuckling to himself he knew better.

Driving up to the lot, he parked and went inside. Mike was helping another customer. Wandering around it was a nice furniture store it had everything. Plus if you were looking for something special they would order it online for you if they didn’t have it stock. It was the only place he would shop for anything.

A young woman came over to him. “Welcome to Sweet Dreams; may I help you with something?”

“I need a new bed.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Well I want something like my old one, but new.”

“How big is your bed?”

“Its bed size, what do you think?” he didn’t like her she was asking too many questions, she reminded him of his wife. If he wanted to be asked so many questions it would have been better coming from her.

“Its okay Arlene I’ve got this customer,” Mike patted him on the back. “How are you doing Kevin?”

“I’m good.” He nodded Mike reminded him of Rip.

“How’s your beautiful wife?”

“She’s been nagging me Mike. If I don’t get a new bed today I might be sleeping on the sofa for the rest of my life.”

“I hear you,” Mike laughed patting him on the shoulder with understanding.

“Your dad was a great guy.”

“I know Kevin he spoke so highly of you too. How about this beauty Kevin this is from a new line called Sweet Dreams?”

Kevin looked at it. It was a bed. What the hell did he know about picking one of these things out? It looked as big as the one he had at home but he didn’t know if this would make his wife happy. God he was thinking maybe he should have brought her along.

“Listen Mike I might be wasting your time here. I have no idea what I’m supposed to be buying I just need a bed, so my wife won’t be angry anymore.”

“Is that all it takes then I need five of them,” Mike chuckled.

Kevin grinned and was grateful that Mike understood.

“Here this is very similar to the one that you have now with a small upgrade since we’re getting older it will just provide that extra support. Lay down try it out.” Mike nodded to the bed.

Hesitatingly Kevin put a hand on it and pressed down. “Feels good.”

“You have to lay down on it Kevin.”

“Alright Mike, alright,” he sat down trying to get the feel of the bed. It did feel like their bed, when they first bought it, but better. Kicking his feet up he laid back. The pillow soft fabric felt like clouds. He closed his eyes and caught himself. He almost fell asleep instantly. Caressing the fabric he grinned. “I’ll take it!”

“Great let’s get you ring through.”

“Thank you … you just saved me some trouble.” Getting up reluctantly he followed Mike over to the counter. “When can I have it delivered?”

“Next week? How does that sound?”
“Too far away,” he frowned staring back at the floor model. “Can’t I have the floor model?”

“People have been laying on that one are you sure Kevin?”

“You don’t understand my wife has been at my throat lately. I think if we could get a good night’s sleep it will be better for the both of us. She was threatening to walk out on me this morning.”

“Alright, I’ll knock off 15% since it’s the floor model. Do you have your truck here?”

“Yeah outside,” he pulled out his debit card and paid for it.

“I’ll get the boys to take it out for you.”


“You did good baby,” his wife leaned over and kissed him. It was the first time in months that she had done that. He waited to see if he was going to get anything else. When she rolled over and pulled the covers up he was just grateful to get a kiss.

Grinning he was proud of himself for making his wife happy tonight. He really loved her. She was trying his patients for the longest time but there was no one else he wanted to spend his life with. Rolling over he drifted off.

Coming downstairs he couldn’t believe what a brand new bed did for the soul. He hadn’t had a sleep like that in years. He felt younger, more alive and there was a spring to his step. Coming into the kitchen his wife had made him breakfast! This was a surprise.

“You old dog, you,” she giggled and playfully slapped him on the butt.

He looked at her and smiled. Feeling very pleased with himself he was grateful for stopping by Rip’s shop yesterday.

Sitting down he began eating. He couldn’t help but looking over at his wife she was in a very good mood this morning. She was humming to herself and the kitchen looked so bright and clean.

“I’ll see you tonight lover,” she came over and kissed him hard on the lips. “Maybe tonight we can have a replay of last night. I didn’t know you had it still in you.”

She turned and sauntered off there was a swing in her hips he hadn’t seen in a while. What did she think happen last night? Whatever it was he didn’t care. As long as she was happy and holy smokes she made him breakfast. Grinning he took his time and enjoyed it. Didn’t know when the next meal like this would find him.

His day went by fast. It was amazing what a good night’s sleep would do for you. That bed was amazing. Kevin couldn’t remember the last time he felt so refresh and alive. It had been awhile. Coming home it was late, but when he got inside he saw his wife had her book club over in the living room. Not wanting to disrupt them he tiptoed to the kitchen and was amazed to see dinner waiting for him. He almost went to ask his wife whose food it was. Twice in one day! Wow he was a lucky man.

He took his time and ate enjoying every bite then washed his dishes and headed upstairs. On the way up he heard his wife speaking to the ladies and paused. He was going to go and thank her, but her words caught his attention.

“… and last night was the best sex we have ever had.”

“Way to go Kevin.” One of the ladies giggled.

“Well someone is really lucky,” another one said.

“I’m telling no one was more surprised than I was,” his wife went on.

Kevin thought well I am more surprised than you are, but said nothing and went upstairs. After a long hot shower he headed to his bed. It was a weird nagging thought that caught him as he started to drift off. If he didn’t have sex with his wife, then who did? Could she have just had the most amazing vivid dream ever? That was it! She had to have been dreaming because he didn’t have sex with her. He would have remembered that. Sleep won over. He felt his wife joining him. She woke him up and they made love. He took his time and tried to make it memorable. Afterwards he hugged her and they fell asleep. It was the closest they have been in years. It felt good and he couldn’t imagine having anyone else in his arms. Sleep was a dream.

Morning came too fast for his liking. He yawned and stretched. He glanced at the clock and saw it was after seven. His wife was nowhere to be seen. Getting up he had a quick shower then went downstairs for breakfast. She must have made him breakfast this morning he thought.

When he entered the kitchen he noticed it was the same as last night. Nothing had been touched. The only difference was the cups and saucers from the book club were in the drain board.

“Honey?” he called for his wife. She didn’t reply. Maybe she had an early meeting. Grabbing a quick bite he went outside to see his wife’s car still parked in the garage. Crap, he thought. It must have given her trouble this morning. He’d have to take a look at it when he got back. Climbing into his truck he looked at his house. Something didn’t seem right. It was like he was forgetting something. A small part of him wanted to go back in and give his own house a once over.

Shoving the crazy thought aside he headed off to work.

Since this morning his whole day was off. It was one crisis after another at work. Nothing seemed to work. Getting back home he was just grateful to walk through the door. Expecting to see his wife in the kitchen the house felt too quiet. He checked the living room. No one was there. He went to the kitchen no one was there. Walking through the whole house he found that it was empty it was just him there. Checking the phone there was messages. Maybe his wife was running late he thought.

The messages . . . one, was from his wife’s office wondering where she was. The second one was to remind them that they both had dentist appointments tomorrow. And a third one was from his wife’s office, they were looking for a file that she only knew where it was. Hanging up he tried calling his wife’s cell phone. He heard it ringing inside the house. He followed the noise until he found her purse in the living room. Picking it up he couldn’t understand what that meant.

Sitting down he began frantically calling her friends and family. No one had seen her since last night at the book club. He called the police and told them there was a break-in, he knew if he had just said his wife was missing they wouldn’t do anything.

Half hour later a police officer was at his door.

“Good evening Mr. Miller you reported that someone broke into your house?”

“Yes I did. Please come in.”

“Were any windows broken? Where was the point of entry?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Do you have a list of what was taken?”

“Only one thing missing.”

“Is it very valuable?”


“Do you have a picture of the item?”

He handed the officer a picture of his wife. The police officer looked down at the picture than up at him looking a little perplexed. “Is it earrings?”

“No my wife.”

“When did she go missing?”

“Last night sometime.”

“I see.”

“You don’t understand, she was here last night with her book club. Then she came to bed and woke me up. We had sex I woke up and she was gone. I’ve called family and friends no one has seen her since last night. I went to work this morning. I saw her car in the garage it isn’t unusual because it had been acting up lately and she would get a friend to pick her up. So I went to work and didn’t think anything of it. When I got home I checked the messages and there were two from her office looking for her. So she didn’t go to work and I don’t know where she is.”

“I understand.”

“No you don’t I know you have some crazy rule about missing people having to be gone for 24 hours, but come on lady, she’s my wife I don’t know where she is. She’s a pain in the ass, but I love her. You have to help me find her please.”

“I will take this information with me and check back with you.” The woman nodded and left.

He didn’t trust her. She didn’t look around the house for any clues and she didn’t look interested in finding anyone. He had no idea where she was. His stomach felt sick and he couldn’t think right. Sitting on the sofa waiting for her to come home or waiting for someone to call about her the hours dragged by. It was four am in the morning and he had heard nothing.

He called the police again. They said they would send someone over in the morning and he should get some sleep. It sounded like the same lady that had came by his house earlier. Dragging himself upstairs he crawled into bed and turned off the lights. At least this was the last place he saw her and he could be close to her in that way. Grabbing up her pillow he could smell her scent on it. It was a mixture of shampoo, bath soap and perfume that she used.

Closing his eyes he could almost feel her wrapping her arms around him. Pulling him against her warm firm body. Then he realized something was pulling him! Something was wrapped around his waist. It wasn’t just the blanket he covered up with. He opened his mouth to scream, but something covered his mouth and pulled him down. As it was pulling him down he could swear he heard his wife’s screaming for help. He had to help her, but first he had to get out of this Sweet Dream.

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