Gumby Chum

Gumby Chum, writing and art by P. L. Cobb

When Gumby Chum catches you, you won’t have time to cry.

The red-eyed bum

with the sickly green face.

Gumby Chum, they call him

Gumby Chum, Gumby Chum,

giving chase, chasing, chasing–

“Holy shit! He’s catching up to the us!”

“Thank God we’re on the bus . . .”

What would become of us

if that weren’t the case?

“I don’t suppose Gumby Chum would tear off your face?”

asked the little old lady who sat across

from us on the bus.

She looked at us with sadness

in her eyes,

said: “You’re both in for a nasty surprise!

When Gumby Chum catches you

you won’t have time to cry.”

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