Friday Lovin’

Again, I apologize for the general lack of posts. I’m still doing that life thing: apply for jobs, do freelance, apply for unemployment. The H&M recruitment site is very well designed, to be a little off topic. Anything that allows you to use your Linkedin profile gets an A in my books. Rather than drool over the fantastic user experience . . .

Maybe it’s because of the trace toxic chemicals that are still present in the soil, or maybe it’s Maybelline?

On a side note, I would just like to mention that I have produced some quality material for EMP; a lot of it needs to be typed up. I find that writing things down goes a lot quicker. Call me the Word Wizard for now, I guess. Emperor is also acceptable . . .

–P. L. Cobb

Friday Lovin', by P. L. Cobb

Nah, it’s definitely the dihydrogen monoxide!

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