Sorry About Your Brother

So this is a thing, I guess . . .

You won’t put this horse to rest.

You are despicable, inhuman, a beast.

You’re a little bit better than your sister (ugh)

And of course, you know, you are better than that one particular person . . . Blah.

Your brother.

The rest of your family is like a weird joke

But your brother.

I don’t want to go down there,

I don’t want to.

Your brother is like a sentient blood mist,

Or something, I’m not really sure.

Remember the time he ate my dog?

Why am I still friends with you?

What about the time he held my family captive?

No? What about the time he almost drained the fluids from my body,

That shit was not funny.

Uh, you know what . . .

Let’s not hang out (anymore).

Ashkenaz, the ever living flame, and jerk

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