Leave the Devil

Leave the Devil, story and art by P. L. Cobb

“Why couldn’t you just keep your head down?” The devil asked in contempt.

Story and art by P. L. Cobb

His hopes and dreams of rebirth lay scattered on the floor, oxidizing.


And then nothing.

“Nothing.” The word rang bitterly in his ears, teasing him, mocking him, flaunting his own failure for the whole world to see.

The culprit stood before him with a grin on her face. “So?” she said, curious.

“Why couldn’t you just keep your head down?” The devil asked in contempt. “I devoted all of my life into suppressing you. My life’s work is a sham and I blame you!”

“Good!” Her grinned widened. “That’s exactly what I wanted to hear!” With those last few words she turned on her heels and began to walk away, leaving the devil behind. “Blame me all you want. You’ll end up giving me more notoriety in the end! I’ll be famous, baby!” And then she laughed.

Why the hell not?

The devil stared at her back. And stared. And stared. And when she was finally out of sight–which was an incredibly long distance–he stared some more. That was all he could do. In one fell swoop she had demolished half a century’s worth of careful planning. It was like she had cut into a cake of warm butter; that’s how easy she had made it seem.

Finally he shifted his gaze. “What next?” he was stuck here in this miserable form. He would die and then that would be the end of it. How good it feels to be cursed like me! He prodded the ashes with a foot, chewing on his lower lip.

There was a steely glint in his eye when he returned his attention to the direction she had gone off in.

“Oh baby, I’ll make you famous. I’ll follow you until you love me!” he spat. “Not even the devil Himself would dare turn his back on me!”

He began to walk, leaving the remains of his old form far behind. His initial intention was to trick her into becoming a willing sacrifice. She would die, and then he would be born anew, back into his original body. He closed his eyes wistfully. He had grown up believing that all humans had low self-esteem, especially the females. If he ever came across his old mentor he’d kick his ass.

“Oh, that magnificent body of mine!

A fine bastard was I!

You she-bitch,

I’ll make you rue the day

You ruined me.

I’ll make you rue the day

That you decided to leave

The devil far behind!”


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