Imp Eye

Imp Eye, story and art by Penny C.

Gregory howled in agony. It was like somebody was stabbing his skull with a cold knife.

Story and art by Penny C.

“Got you.”

The goblin lord towered over him, looking every inch the demon that he was. With two large, long-fingered hands he grabbed Gregory by the shoulders and lifted him up from the ground. Gregory could smell the goblin’s breath: it stank of sulphur.

A wave of heat enveloped him. Gregory feared that he was not going to make it out of the labyrinth this time; the King in the Shadows had him now. He would not be playing anymore games with Gregory.

“Where is she?” Da’Kiri whispered in his face. Sparks shot out of his mouth as he spoke.

Fire-breather, Gregory thought. Da’Kiri was liable to bite his face off . . . Or burn him to death. Burn him till there was nothing but ash and hot coals.

“I don’t know where she went!” Gregory grunted.

“You helped her escape! How do you not know!” The goblin shook the man in its fury.

“She was your wife, not your captive.” He almost felt pity for Da’Kiri. “If you wanted to be with her so badly, you should have treated her with more respect!”

The goblin lord released his hold on Gregory’s left shoulder. He held his hand up, palm facing the human’s face.

Without warning Da’Kiri jabbed his index finger into Gregory’s left eye.

Gregory howled in agony. It was like somebody was stabbing his skull with a cold knife. He began to see red. Everywhere.

Satisfied with his work the goblin lord let his enemy fall. As soon as Gregory hit the ground he was unconscious.

When he awoke he found himself alone in the dark. It always ends like this. Why?

How many times did he do this? Was it really just this once, or had it happened a million times before?

His left eye felt different. What happened to me? Gregory felt with his fingers. The left eye felt much different from the right; Gregory blinked them both at different times.

The goblin lord had given him a goblin eye, something which he could not hide in the light of day.

I’ve been cursed!

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