Rotten Boy

Rotten Boy, written and photographed by Penny C.

He was just a rotten boy through and through.

Written and photographed by Penny C.

“He despises me, but it’s mutual,” Karen replied. Someone, for some reason, had thought it prudent to ask her about her ex-husband. She had given them the most simple and vague explanation that had come to mind. Every word was a lie, of course. No one could prove otherwise, however. It did help that her ex-husband wasn’t around to set the record straight; that man had been so insufferable.

The night she had tried to kill him only proved to vex her further. The man wouldn’t die. Couldn’t die. What she thought had been him was nothing more than a construct, an empty vessel made of a compost heap.

The real man was somewhere in the world, laughing at her as he tricked somebody else into falling madly in love with him. It could be a man or a woman. Her ex-husband didn’t care. He was just a rotten boy through and through.

One of these days, I’ll make you pay! And that was a promise.

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