Written and photographed by Penny C.

“Eat it up!” The waiter said in a Southern drawl. He walked away without another word.

They both looked at the steak suspiciously.

“That is a big steak,” Tamara said. Out of curiosity she poked it with a fork; poking became cutting.

“Looks a bit purple . . . Gross!” Jamie wrinkled her nose.


“It’s probably made of mutant space cow!” Jamie whispered.

“Eat it up!” Tamara mimicked the waiter. “Is he watching us?”

Jamie scanned the restaurant. There was a total of three people in the dining area, including them. “No, let’s get out of here!”

At the same time they both got up and made a beeline towards the doors.

Somehow, the waiter rose up before them, separating them from their escape.

“Eat it up.” He said in a menacing voice.


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