The Tunnel

“Is this place getting the better of my senses?”

We here at Enigmatic Monster are fans of many things, though we especially have a penchant for horror. And when said horror comes out of nowhere in a series that’s known for comedy it’s all the more effective. This is exactly what the episode “The Tunnel” from Civil Protection by Accursed Farms is.
An odd left turn into almost semi-Lovecraftian/Poe ala The Raven horror.

Civil Protection is a (mostly) comedic, sci-fi machinima series along the lines of
Red Vs Blue by Roosterteeth, where you have characters in the military who stand around, not doing their jobs, arguing about anything. Civil Protection is set in the Half Life game universe, though even if you aren’t familiar with the game series it won’t matter.
The whole point is to follow these two characters, Mike and Dave, who work as Civil Protection officers.

The plot of the episode is as follows: Mike and Dave are doing their regular thing (nothing) on a particularly boring day at work when they notice that not only is the city totally deserted, it’s also incredibly foggy out. Then they are nearly killed by a hit and run driver. They survive the incident, report it, and hear odd noises coming from a tunnel.
They investigate, finding an abandoned construction area and a room with a massive, metal door that only opens from the inside and an unattended journal, which they read. What follows drags the episode from its oddly less funny path to unsettling horror and unease.

There are unanswered questions and an ambiguous ending that at grows on you the more you think about it. While not something incredibly scary, the odd tone-shift from comedy to horror is a great example of what can be done with Machinima and why every once and a while in a creative endeavour you should just do something totally different just to see what happens.

Also, if you enjoyed that, you should check out “Stranger In Need”, another Accursed Farms machinima film that is just straight up attempt at horror and an enjoyable one at that.

Enjoy the links.

Keep it monstrous, everybody.

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