The One?

Infatuated with the One?

There is no turning back, it is done

now. Wait here for five days

drinking in the moonlight, learning the ways

of that which comes out at night . . .

Of that which is out of sight (and sight beyond sight).

If there were a god-like thing

and its essence filled the cosmos,

then how could it allow such things to bring

such knowledge to our collective conscience.

Even the lowly amoeba reels

at such knowledge.

It has driven us all up on to a ledge–

into the great beyond . . .

Places where we do not belong:

their playground, their abyss,

where deaths kiss

will show you everything that is wrong,

even the small things, the things you missed.

Have you caught the eye of the One?

Whether yes or no, I am done.

For the love of our strange existence

do not come any closer to me.

Because I can see

and have seen.

And now I am left with regret,

to put up with a life of futile resistance . . .


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