So Sorry

She always hated apologizing for the things she had no control over. It was useless because she never meant any of it, and she hated it because it degraded her. She felt like the monster in the room. Always. It never stopped; so she made them stop. 

Their bodies piled up beneath the patio deck quick, and the smell became unbearable. She couldn’t pass it off as the smell of the septic tank any longer. The easy solution was to burn their bodies, or try. Saya wasn’t sure how that was going to work out, but figured that it would make no difference in her life.

As long as they couldn’t trace the deed back to her, she wouldn’t complain.

So, she burned the house down. She was leaving town the following morning anyway. As her car sped down the driveway, she looked back at the house. Where the patio was she head a loud BOOM as the demon corpses burst. Saya let out a little grin.

Sometimes people wondered why there were never any faeries or goblins–mainly the latter–but then those people didn’t know that she was slowly wiping them off the face of the earth. They had another world: hell. They could stay there.


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