Two Dimensional Toasters

The day is almost at an end, and I am late. Like so many times before we’ll pretend it never happened (this lateness). Today consisted of me tackling with the goblins and the clowns (of my mind).

It’s no secret that I love the movie: Killer Klowns from Outerspace. The thought of them making a remake/sequel fills my heart with so much joy it is about to burst (from so much pain). Personally I think that if they do make a remake they need to have one handsome killer klown. Just one. It would be perfect because the other klowns are so wonderfully ugly (it almost hurts me to think just how ugly). The pretty one could be the brunt of some sort of twisted joke, I’m sure.

Plus, just one pretty one? Out of hundreds of ugly ones? Is there someone who would not find that funny?


As for the goblins . . . Well, they stole my toaster today. I’m not sure how but they stuck it into the wall. It’s almost like a painting now. Surprisingly it still works, as they’ve been teasing me all day by making toast. I’m most sure what they did, but they are somehow living as two dimensional beings in this three dimensional world. Insanity.



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