Stringing Together Memories

Stringing Together Memories

Some days he wondered why he was still going; ever since his wife had left him, life had taken a turn for the worst. George held his head in his hands as he sat on the back of his truck. There was literally nothing for him other than the truck, and that was a particularly lousy thing to live for. There were no kids to speak of, and the dog had died years ago.

His wife had left him nothing.

What was more: she had left him for his sister.

Well, half-sister, he reminded himself. But still . . . His thoughts trailed off into the murky depths of his mind. Ever since that revelation he hadn’t been himself. He was thinking of seeking out professional help, but work came first. At least he hadn’t lost his job. Sometimes he almost enjoyed being single again, when his head was clear enough to think.

She’s really my step-sister, he thought. When his mother had remarried she had insisted that everyone refer to her as sister, or half-sister. He’d never been able to like her, she had somehow managed to get whatever she wanted; her father he had hated with an unbridled passion. He was another thing altogether. What his mother saw in that man, he had no idea.

No one had liked his step-father. Mother didn’t even like him. She just needed someone who could take care of her family. There were nights where he saw his mother crying in the kitchen still vivid upon his mind.

And then there was the son they had together. George shuddered at the thought of his own mother slipping into bed with that man. What was his name? His brow furrowed. Come to think of it, he couldn’t remember his step-father’s name. It was bad enough that he couldn’t remember what his step-sister looked like off the top of his head, although he always knew her when he saw her, and always remembered how unpleasant it was.
George recalled details about them, but nothing of consequence. He had known them for a better part of his life too. Why?

Why was it impossible to remember anything about them?

The answer slowly dawned on him. When he first saw his step-father, the man had no face. His step-sister had a hole where a heart normally went. And his half-brother had been born dead.


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