Monday Afternoon


Monday Afternoon (With Ashkenaz)

That’s right, it’s a Monday afternoon, whatever that means for you mortals, and I (Ashkenaz) have absolutely nothing to say (that you could possibly understand)!

And that begs the question: why?

You know, I don’t like that. Begging the question is just the strangest thing you mortals do. What do you think to achieve? Is the question going to feel sorry for you, and then give you a golden star? Can questions even do that in your dimension?

For that matter, and on to other topics naturally, what dimension is this dimension, dimensionally? I know you’re all three dimensional, or whatever . . . What I want to know is why you can only be three dimensional. What is wrong with you all? How are you unable to achieve this mythical fourth dimension? I do it all the time.

Of course, I am metaphysical. And comprised of flame. That doesn’t really help your case, I suppose.

I suppose this all begs the question.

Do you think it will give me a cookie?

(A fourth dimensional cookie?)


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