The Miskatonic Game

The Miskatonic Game

Do you like Lovecraft? Do you like horrific, yet adorable art? Are you interested in those dang video games? Well we (actually, just me, Jon, filling in for Penny and Theo) here at EMP have got just the thing to make you salivate like a man/lady left brain-dead from seeing an Elder God and not being able to comprehend it!

tumblr_nbci3lsXZj1r2yncoo1_1280 It’s called The Miskatonic and its a game being developed by Jack Cayless, a webcomic artist known for various series, like Chimneyspeak (Victorian London tale featuring whores and murderers and the evolution of his art style) and New Kowloon (which is an  out there story that has yet to develop yet so I can’t give you much preview).

Now, before I give any links or tell you where to go or even tell you what kinda game it is,
I have to tell you something. It’s a warning. Hey, this Jack Cayless guy? He draws lots of naked people, sometimes. LOTS. And sex. Sometimes very graphic sex, in his stylized manner. And while I’m sure plenty of people are fine with that, being adults who understand that seeing sex or some genitals is not the end of the world, I know some just don’t like it.  SO THIS IS THE WARNING. NSFW. DO NOT LOOK AT THE LINKS IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THAT KIND OF THING. OKAY? GOOD. 

Now that we’ve got that warning out of the way, let me tell you people about
The Miskatonic game!

puzzle items! yay

Currently still in the design phase (but slowly but surely getting close to having a playable little demo, I’ve found out), the game will be a fun, side-scrolling jump ‘n’ shoot, visual novel/puzzle game where you walk around the Miskatonic University in the Lovecraft universe and interact with various characters/creatures made famous by good ol’ H.P. as well as some original characters Cayless made up, who all seem really interesting.

ooh, spooky

You’ll play as Charlotte LeStrange, Curator Of Rescue for the Miskatonic! A former member of the Chesuncook Coven, she’s not spooked by the horrifying things that drive most people insane, so the university gives her a gun and has her go save their scientists/defeat monsters. She’ll also get to hang around the university, talk to people/things and solve little puzzles.

Charlotte likes her job

Once again, unfortunately the game is still very much in development and to my knowledge there isn’t any site besides Cayless’s personal tumblr to follow for updates (which come at his pace, so sometimes constantly, sometimes not). But the concept and art of the thing is so fantastic it’s got me cravin’ it. I believe he’s said it’ll be available on Steam when it’s ready and won’t cost much, which is a plus for the thrifty Lovecraft/game enthusiast.


Once again, before I give out the link should anyone want to look through the tumblr archive for more info on the game, there is sometimes nudity in the various things he posts. Sometimes. If you can’t take that, and that is very understandable, just don’t. Simply dream of how good it’ll be. And I have a conformation that once the pre-pre-pre-alpha build is ready for download (translation: incredibly rough demo of the game)  Cayless will start a dev blog for it, which will have less graphic, stylized pornography on it/none at all.

I’ll also apologize for the lack of info, as I mentioned, the game isn’t even at a stage where it has a playable demo, and because tumblr has an archive system (which’s not the greatest to navigate. let me tell you), finding all the info I could was a tad difficult and I honestly have to write this article mostly from memory because I’ve been following it’s development for months. But here’s what I could get. So I hope you like it, I hope you can stomach some nudity so you can follow the blog, and when it’s ready I hope you buy the game and enjoy it. I know I will.

Here is Jack Cayless’s tumblr, for the inquisitive, capable-of-handling-nudity person to check out. For those who do not like that sort of thing, here is a picture of bread.

And I’m out, have a great day and keep it monstrous, everybody!

– J. Kruschack


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