Check These Movies Out

Check These Movies Out

It is I, Jon Kruschack, fillin’ in for Penny this Friday. She’s asked me (at the behest of Theo) to do up a few articles from today through Sunday. So, lets start things off easy with a list of movie recommendations I think you’ll enjoy. No spoilers, just three quick reviews.

Afflicted (2013)

One of the few good found footage-style horror movies out there. Afflicted is a fantastic movie, written and directed by Derek Lee and Clif Prowse, who are also the stars and play themselves.  No spoiler plot overview: two friends go on a worldwide adventure, one comes down with a medical condition that is fatal, they go anyway, something happens and things go poorly. Great acting, good cinematography, interesting story. The less I say the better, just check it out. I give it a 9/10.

Dragon (2011) 

Donnie Yen stars in the martial arts film Dragon along with Takeshi Kaneshiro. Yen plays a man with a mysterious past while Kaneshiro plays a detective who seems dead-set against trying find out who he really is after he kills two men in self-defence with incredible skill.  It’s probably one of the best martial arts movies I’ve ever seen, great dialogue and exciting fights. A bit visceral in terms of gore (severed limbs and such) but not overt. There’s even a hilarious scene involving both Yen and Kaneshiro after Kaneshiro’s character concocts a plan to expose Yen’s character…by stabbing him in the back. Literally. I won’t say why its funny, or what happens after the stabbing. Just that it is VERY MUCH WORTH YOUR TIME. Dragon also gets a 9/10.

Come Back To Me (2014)

Come Back To Me was a movie I was not excited about seeing but ending up actually enjoying. It’s not a perfect movie. Characters at times act in ways that make you want to scream at the screen but far from the usual idiocy of horror-movie characters. Basic plot is that Sarah and Josh are married in the suburbs. Sarah gets into a car accident, begins to suffer blackouts and nightmares, ending up pregnant despite the fact that Josh is sterile. Sarah sets up cameras in her home to unlock the secret of her blackouts and the answer is horrifying. Katie Walder plays Sarah, Matt Passmore plays Josh and Jon Abrahams plays Johnny, their new, very odd neighbour and really plays up his character, almost stealing the show with his off-putting, eccentric behaviour. A solid 7/10.

Hope you enjoyed this, check out these movies and come back Saturday and Sunday for more.


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