I Bought a Book

I Bought a Book

Luigi Sarafini’s Codex Saraphinianus. Christmas in December, again. Needless to say, you’ll be seeing a few snippets from it. No word of a lie, it’s pretty cool. If you’re the type to just feel textured paper, you’d love this book. There are ‘words’, of a sort–unintelligible, but very pretty to look at, if they mean anything at all. And the pictures make me wish I drew more. 

(And, Christmas shopping on a Canadian Black Friday still made me mad. That reminds me of the time Jake and Jon held an hour long debate with a ghost hobo. Case in point, Amazon is my friend, because I don’t have to deal with ghosts.)

There’s nothing new, but I suppose we’ll have to make a handy, new age guide to the monsters we see day to day . . .

(Cue cliff hanger ending.)


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