Save Me From The Things In My Head!


Save Me From The Things In My Head!

It’s not the tales of Stephen King that I’ve read, I need protection from the things in my head . . .

–Jimmy Buffet

The bane of the creative thinker (or just the thinker): thinking.

Who said don’t blink? WHO said that!?! Forget that, stop thinking! The more you overthink something the worse it becomes! We are our own worse enemies!


(Think and they’ll hear you!)

Is it just me, or has anyone else wondered if there’s someone in the world who can hear your thoughts? Really now, how many of you say to yourselves: wow, I think too loud! Can brain waves translate to sound waves on the quantum level?


((There’s a punctuation error in the quote! Brain cells exploding!))


logo_2014design_2Theo approves of this message, but only because it’s crazy. Just don’t think about it, he says.
Ashkenaz has nothing to add on this matter.
Who’s Ashkenaz?

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