On the First Day of October

On the First Day of October

The monster gave to me,

The Enigmatic Monster Issue 3!


(Go on, click it. Resistance is futile. <3 )

Here it is, in all of its sickly glory! The Triad of Terror is now complete. As we continue to  catch muses in the dark, we wonder what next year will bring? Hmmm . . .

For now we must play the game as we always have, and bring our nightmares to the surface world for all to see.

As always, spread us to the far corners of the world. Keep it monstrous!

P.S: If you do not want to download the PDF file, fear not! You’ll be able to read the 3rd issue online as well! Just look for The Triad of Terror in our top menu (that’s where we keep all of the goods)!


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