Into the Fields–Walk–Don’t

Into the Fields–Walk–Don’t


“Why not?” she asked. Always she asked. Always: because, because, because . . . They always told her the same thing. What was this? The field belonged to no one as far as she was concerned. Why not? She walked into the fields surrounding the property. As she expected: nothing. Nothing to hide from, nothing to fear.

“Why did you go into the fields?” they asked her.

“Because,” she told them.

And it was the last thing they ever heard her say. Into the fields they walked. She never saw them again. The next day there was no sign of their passing, save for patches of red grass . . . They swayed to-and-fro in the lazy breeze, sticking out like sore thumbs. It was odd though, as there was no real blood on the grass. She gazed at the surrounding area for a little while longer, then walked away.

Her lips quirked into a smile.


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