Such High Contrasts

Such High Contrasts


Looking up, at the sun . . . Squinting. There was such a high contrast between light and dark up there, just as much as there was down here. What else was up there, besides clouds, the vacuum of space?

What did the edge of the universe look like?

Shelly brought her attention back to what she was doing–washing the car. It was dull work, but also mercifully quick work. She finished up with the hose a minute later, and was done.

She brought her attention back up to the sky, shielding her eyes from the bright sun. Was it her, or did the clouds just get darker? The forecasts were calling for rain later on in the week; they were often wrong, or almost right. Still, she couldn’t help but suppress a shiver.

Shelly gave herself a quick shake. Don’t go there, she told herself. Just don’t. She gathered her cleaning equipment, then proceeded to put it back in the garage. It was dark in the garage after being outside, but she went about her business anyway. The garage was locked up before her eyes could adjust.

Again she looked back up towards the sky;  she couldn’t help it. There were large black shadows on the clouds, as if they were more than just water vapours. Don’t go there.

She kept telling herself that, even as the dark clouds descended on her. When they were gone she was nowhere to be found.

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