A Minor Hiccup

A Minor Hiccup

Normally we have a post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. However we have been experiencing some minor hiccups brought on by our normal day jobs, broken computers, etcetera . . . According to the Jake human, we have two podcasts that are ready to go, they just need to be uploaded. We were hoping to get a podcast out by today at the latest. So far that has not been possible, so we would like to apologize to our fans, and supporters.

Rest assured, our normal shenanigans shall resume this coming Monday, for all to witness . . . The inane babble of so many worms will go on!

If your looking to challenge yourself, head over to this lovely post by our Wordmaster*: RJ Davies Mornix.

A Good Start, by RJ Davies Mornix.

-Penny C, as dictated by Theo Monster

*AKA editor

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