The Vampyre

The Vampyre

IT happened that in the midst of the dissipations attendant upon a London winter . . .

The Vampyre, by John William Polidori is a tale both short and simple, if not sweet. As the name suggests it is indeed about a vampire. It has everything that a story could ever want: a villain, a would-be hero, a love interest, and of course: victims. However, don’t be fooled by this. Nothing is as it seems, and the story does not spend too much time in explaining itself either. You’re given some of the vampire mythos, plunged into the story, and then given another side to the tale . . .

Essentially, where Dracula is a labour of love, filled with complex characters and plot, The Vampyre is a minuscule side trip. Both are good stories, but should not be compared to each other too much (if at all).

I’m not a fan of vampires or zombies, but this story was a pleasant surprise. It was even shorter than I expected. So, do I recommend it? Yes, give it a try. You might be surprised as well.

P.S: for those of you who like to make fun of the things you like in your head, rest assured that there are some jokes that the story practically sets itself up for. 

P.P.S: the story is available for free download on Project Gutenberg.

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