Enigmatic Monster Podcast Episode 6: The Feople’s Champion

Enigmatic Monster Podcast Episode 6: The Feople’s Champion

Episode Six.

In the first episode of 2014 our stalwart hero Jonathan Kruschack battles the villainous co-host Jacob Zaccaria and tries to show him the error of his mispronouncing, genocidal ways. Or not. None of that happens and I am far from being a hero or stalwart. We just jbber-jabber for a while. As fools often do, or so I’m told.

So some things happened. Basically, we couldn’t upload to YouTube because the file is too big (around 44 minutes of content). So now just straight up mp3 to the blog, which was also so big it took a day to upload. We also dropped the previous intro “Living Is Suicide” and promoted “Demon Tied To A Chair in my Brain” to both intro and outro. And we’re are thinking of getting new music altogether. And by “we”, I mean me. Maybe, who knows. Oh and Penny made a cool flash intro which I’m going to mess around with, see if I can make it even cooler. Or worse, as I am not good with Flash. Too bad it isn’t available for you guys to see (YOUTUBE! *shakes fist*).

Link Dump (for everything that I mentioned, I forgot to ask Jake for links):
Creature Feature http://tinyurl.com/o9tg4v3
Peril In Panels http://tinyurl.com/prxqgsq
Miyazaki “Not Cuts” http://tinyurl.com/p5oholw
Tumblr Users Bein’ Smooth http://tinyurl.com/ndt4fvy
James Avery RIP http://tinyurl.com/o4xh66r
Victorian Manners Flash Game http://tinyurl.com/36fcmd
January Is Comics Month http://tinyurl.com/o776ltm
KC Green and Anthony Clark to make new comic in 2014 http://tinyurl.com/oo7lqgu

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That’s all for us this week. Tune in two weeks from now for another episode and further jibbering and/or jabbering. Keep it monstrous, everybody!

– J. Kruschack

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