Creature Feature: Natalie Hall

Today’s Creature Feature focuses on Natalie Hall. She is one talented lady.

A California-based artist with a serious knack for drawing…pretty much anything. Seriously, from naked gesture poses to animals to superheroes to monsters to…whatever this thing is.

I find this disturbing and adorable.

She has this great style I can’t really even attempt to really get into. It’s too fluid, it’s the freakin’ art equivalent of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do techniques. Nothing’s wasted when it comes to space or colour or lines or what have you. And all the drawings are clearly just honest expressions of things she likes. The closest comparison I can make is sometimes her self-portraits look like Jamie Hewlett’s drawings of the¬†Gorillaz. Only even better.

Scan 97

Her art is something I’d really like to see in…well, almost anything. I’d love to buy a book of just her art (especially her sketches). Or an encyclopedia of animals. Or a shirt with some art on it. Or a mug. It’s a good thing she doesn’t produce a large quantity of physical objects or I’d blow all my meagre savings on them. Ha ha…ha…hmm.

(Please don’t Nat, I’m trying to pay my bills.)

Check out Natalie Hall and her art here, here and here. Also here.

Later, oh dearest of readers! It’s been real.

– J. Kruschack (fillin’ in for Penny)

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