River Man

River Man

Today we’re introducing something new, short stories, ranging from 500 words or less  to help get our creative juices flowing. So, without further ado, I give to you number one from of our new venture: River Man. Let us know what you think!

eyeI do not know what it was exactly; what drew me to those reedy riverbanks that day was beyond my comprehension . . . The biggest doubt was if there was anything to comprehend.

The memory of that day is still fresh within my mind. It was the atmosphere which had impressed itself upon me the most—a day where the sun shone against an iron grey sky. Everything had seemed so surreal, more real by far, in fact . . .

Amidst the reeds and willows that grew along the banks I saw it. Him.

Or perhaps it was just an it?

I watched in abject horror as it waded through the shallows. Its body morphed from man to beast, back and forth, like liquid. The speed of the metamorphosis was blinding. Man to horse, horse to man . . . Elongated humanoid, strange being. A creeping thing, skin glistening in the smouldering sunset. Carefree, or uncaring, it went along its way. Had it seen me? If it had it had given no indication. The thing waded deeper into the water, the mad transformations slowing down, before the thing simply melted into the air.

In a blink it was gone.

The biggest fear I had at that time was if the thing was real.

Ever since then I have feared the river man.

The photo was taken by Brad Jones; check him out on our Team Monster page.
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This story was written by Penny C. 

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