Gollum and the hobbits . . .Creature Feature: The Brothers Hildebrandt . . .

. . . And their little Lord of the Rings guidebook. If Troll 2 was an actual good movie it would probably look like this, with equal parts cheesiness and amazing goodness. The pictures themselves were published/created between 1975 and 1977, according to the book. The book itself was first published in 2002. For anyone interested, it’s titled: The Brothers Hildebrandt’s Lord of the Rings. Their work has appeared in other books as well, one of them being from the never-ending Shannara series by Terry Brooks. I suspect that the book was put together more to ride on the success of Peter Jackson’s trilogy than to get kids interested. That’s fine I suppose. Everyone has to eat, right?

The only thing wrong with the picture is the fell beast. Other than that, it's pretty awesome.

The only thing wrong with this picture is the fell beast. Other than that, it’s pretty awesome.

Feast your eyes on the sexy Balrog, the geeky wraith-king, and whatever is going on with Gollum and the hobbits. Yeah, I actually said all of that in one sentence. The quality of the work is by no means cheesy, make no mistake in that; the pictures are very photo-realistic, some of them bordering on surreal. The only thing  is that the depictions of the characters are somewhat dated, which isn’t a wrong thing in and of itself. We get to see someone else’s depictions of what the characters may have looked like from the series. I actually do enjoy looking at this book on occasion, even if it is for the sole purpose of having a good laugh.

If you’d like to see more of the pictures, you should consider buying this book. Fair warning: it’s small. Seriously.

That Balrog's so good looking he's wearing a hula skirt. Gandalf's a little jealous though . . . Oh my!

That Balrog’s so good looking he’s wearing a hula skirt. Gandalf’s a little jealous though . . . Oh my!

We hoped you enjoyed this latest instalment. A special thanks to the Brothers Hildebrandt. We only wish we were as cool as you.
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