Creature Feature: Iron Hans

Illustrated by none other than Marilee Heyer!

Here is another creature feature, and yet another look into my book collection! This book was once my dads, and then it just became my book, through mysterious means.

This book was also another source of inspiration for me, back when I was a young aspiring artist. Marilee Heyer has some fine work, let me tell you. I’d sit and stare at the pictures for hours on end, daydreaming of someday creating epic pieces just like her. The story itself was okay, but I think the book was more about her work anyways. There’s not much else for me to say, so just enjoy the art!


This Creature Feature has once again been brought to you by Penny C. A special thanks goes out to Marilee Heyer. Iron Hans is a Brothers Grimm fairy tale.
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