The King in Yellow, Part 4

Second Thoughts:

I feel as if In the Court of the Dragon was meant as a precursor for The Yellow Sign. Now, from hints and riddles pried from the previous three stories we can now make several educated guesses at a few hundredths of what the King in Yellow is made of. None of it is sugar and spice, if any of you were wondering. Like any self-respecting fictional entity, the King in Yellow is best thought of as having no gender.

If you recall our character was chased down by a malignant, dead-white slender man in a black suit. On my second reread of the story I picked up on the man’s description. On my first read I assumed he was Death in the flesh. What if he’s Slender Man? Does Slender Man work for the King in Yellow?

Or is Slender Man the King in Yellow? If Marble Hornets hasn’t decided how their series will end, then they should seriously consider this. The first world is an internet wasteland, after all . . . No idea is sacred. That which is divided must become one.

And adieu.

On finishing The Pallid Mask my mind was fresh with wonders. When I saw the title of the next chapter a sudden thought blossomed: does this yellow king have a dragon court? As all the endless possibilities culminated into one cyclopean super-thought I began to feel the slight onset of an upset conscious. Those wandering thoughts led me by the hand, sometimes by the nose, down some particularly dark corridors.

Certain days I feel that I understand what Arthur Machen meant when he wrote The Great God Pan. It’s quite fierce . . .

And adieu.

I think I’d be fair in saying that I’ve learned my lesson of not expecting too much of The King in Yellow. It’s not a bad thing. I don’t think I’d be as confused while reading each chapter though.

Maybe I’d see the point?

I have this little thought in my head: what if there is no point? That would be so hilarious. Often I find that we become so fixated on the answers that we become blind—stupid—to everything else that could possibly offer us happiness.

Oh well!

The Yellow Sign:

Keeping in mind all that I’ve said, I would have to say that The Yellow Sign is indeed the sequel to In the Court of the Dragon. The ending of The Yellow Sign was much more informative, one could say, whereas In the Court of the Dragon we were left scratching our heads. The two are are very distinct, however. The Yellow Sign paints the King in Yellow in a much darker shade, however; both the cause and the effect of the climax are made known to the reader alongside the identity of our perpetrator. The only detail we miss is the why of it.

More than ever, I’m curious to know why the King in Yellow does what it does?

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