EMP PODCAST EPISODE 2: Pennsplanation Station

Greetings everybody, it’s your faithful host with the most Jonathan Kruschack. I’m back with episode two of the EMP Podcast with my co-host Jacob and our guest Penny.
I have a lot of things to explain here, so please bear with me on this and I promise!

1. Due to some internet problems with Penny, she recorded her own interview and Jake and I did the intros and outros.

2. Due to even more internet troubles Penny couldn’t get me her recording until yesterday night so something’s may be mentioned multiple times among other odd happenings.

3. I’m still not a great editor and I’m also using not-so great software/hardware to do this so once more, sorry for any odd audio problems, I tried to get this out today as fast as possible.

4. Jacob and I both seemed to have some trouble saying a few simple things like “ship-shape” and “Pennsplanation”, enjoy how entertaining we thought it was.

5. In another effort to get this out on time I did not wait to fix the image for this podcast, keeping the old one. It’s slightly off our newly minted brand but that’ll be fixed for the next podcast.

6. The next podcast will hopefully be up relatively soon but until then keep checking the EMP blog and follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook!

7. Keep it monstrous!


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