A perfect example of a perfectly made up monster.

(We hope.)

It began as a monster making contest on an internet forum.

All it was, was a simple idea.

The culprit had created such a compelling idea, however, that it suddenly became bigger than itself—blown out of proportion one can almost say. Now there is an entire mythos.

Congratulations, we made a monster!

As a side note, some of you may be aware of some sort of experiment whereby a group of people would create a ghost. The ghost in question would miraculously become real, moving tables and what not. Long story short: an idea manifested itself. Let’s hope that the same does not happen with our beloved Slenderman.

And let us hope that it does not become the internet.*

(That is where it lives.)

*We have Buffy the Vampire Slayer on speed dial, just in case. All we’ll need to do is form a circle or something. And, for the sake of your best friend, make sure she doesn’t get into some twisted online relationship with him.

(Marble Hornets)

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