The rain is falling down in a thick sheet; I can hear it drumming on the cracked pavement. It dies down and then renews its fury, much like the ebb and flow of water. I shudder to think of the consequences if the storm were to worsen.

A peal of thunder shakes the skies.

Lightning has struck.

I shudder because the elements are far more terrible than any thing we could come up with. They come and go, heedless of everything; they are what they are.

I shudder because there are things out there which are real, and they do not care what we think.

We have no idea.

Why did The Hound have such a profound effect on me? Because Bert and Ernie dabbled with things they did not understand, messed with forces they could not comprehend. They were stupid.

They died.

I make a point of staying away from those things; I’m only human, but I’m not that stupid.

Caution |ˈkôSHən|


care taken to avoid danger or mistakes

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